English Art Song


Various artists

HTGCD 306 – 5060332662777

3 CDs

Heritage presents a wonderful collection of twentieth century English song performed by an impressive roster of artists

CD 1

TRADITIONAL & PARRY: Sarah Walker & Malcolm Martineau
Blow the Wind Southerly (Trad. arr. Gerald Moore)
O Mistress Mine (Parry)

ELGAR: Brian Rayner-Cooke & Roger Vignoles
The Shepherd's Song; Through the Long Days; Rondel; The Language of Flowers; Is She Not Passing Fair?; As I Laye A-Thynkynge; The Wind at Dawn; A Song of Autumn;
The Pipes of Pan; After; A Song of Flight; Come, Gentle Night; In the Dawn; Speak, Music; Pleading

BUTTERWORTH: John Carol Case & Daphne Ibbott
Six Songs from A Shropshire Lad

VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: Thomas Allen & Malcolm Martineau
Linden Lea; Silent Noon

CD 2

GRAINGER: David Wilson-Johnson & David Owen Norris
The Sprig of Thyme; Six Dukes Went A-Fishin'; Farewell to an Atoll; British Waterside;
The Twa Corbies; The Pretty Maid Milkin' Her Cow; Hard-Hearted Barbara Ellen

WARLOCK: Ian and Jennifer Partridge
Have You Seen but a White Lily Grow?; In an Arbour Green; Sweet Content;
I Asked a Thief to Steal Me a Peach; When Laura Smiles

QUILTER: Christopher Kyte & Rae de Lisle
Three Shakespearean Songs, Op.6; Five Shakespearean Songs, Op.23
Four Shakespearean Songs, Op.30

GURNEY: Christopher Kyte & Geoffrey Pratley
Severn Meadows; The Scribe; The Latmian Shepherd; To Violets; The Penny Whistle; Scents; Bright Clouds; Lights Out; Will You Come?; The Trumpet

CD 3

BRIDGE: Stephen Varcoe & Christopher Cox
Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind; Tears, Idle Tears; E'en as a Lovely Flower;
All Things That We Clasp; Fair Daffodils; Adoration; My Pent-up Tears;
Come to Me in My Dreams; The Violets Blue; A Dirge

C.W. ORR: Philip Langridge & Eric Parkin
Is My Team Ploughing?; The Lads in Their Hundreds; With Rue My Heart Is Laden;
In Valleys Green and Still; Bahnhofstrasse

HOWELLS: Philip Langridge & Eric Parkin
Merry Margaret; The Lady Caroline; The Three Cherry Trees; On the Merry First of May

BRIDGE: Patricia Wright & Christopher Cox
The Last Invocation; Thy Hand in Mine; Mantle of Blue; What Shall I Your True Love Tell
'Tis but a Week

MOERAN: Alfreda Hodgson & Keith Swallow
Four Shakespeare Songs

RUBBRA: Alfreda Hodgson & Keith Swallow (with Ludmila Navratil, viola)
Two Sonnets, Op.87


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