Erik Satie Entertainment


Meriel Dickinson mezzo soprano
Peter Dickinson piano

HTGCD 171 – 5060332662494

1 CD

The Dickinsons presented their Erik Satie Entertainment many times in this country and abroad throughout the 1970s. At that time Satie was not as well-known as he is today – the Dickinsons were pioneers. London performances sold out. This Heritage disc presents the original LP (in remastered form) along with extracts from live concerts and consists of many songs, both serious and popular, some piano pieces and a few readings showing Satie’s eccentric humour.

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SONGS: Trois melodies (1887); Hymne: Salut Drapeau!; Tendrement; Geneviève de Brabant; Trois mélodies (1916); Chanson; Chanson médiévale; Quatre petites melodies; Trois poèmes d’amour; Ludions; La Diva de l’Empire; Je te veux

PIANO WORKS:  Le Piccadilly: Marche; Gnossienne Nº2; Pièces froides No.2; Poudre d’or; Gymnopédie Nº1; Vexations; Le Piège de Méduse


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