Peter Dickinson: Three Concertos


Howard Shelley, Chloe Hanslip and Jennifer Bate

HTGCD276 – 5060332660971

Heritage presents a brand new recording of a British violin concerto. Chloe Hanslip gives the world premiere recording of Peter Dickinson’s Violin Concerto, accompanied by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and conducted by Clark Rundell. This release marks the 80th birthday of Peter Dickinson. The performance is coupled with recordings of the Piano Concerto (Howard Shelley) and Organ Concerto (Jennifer Bate), both works accompanied by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Atherton. Also included is the world premiere recording of Merseyside Echoes, Dickinson’s light-hearted tribute to The Beatles. The concertos form the core of Dickinson’s output and are a summary of his approach to the three solo instruments. All are in a concentrated single movement where the soloists are almost constantly involved, as in a large chamber work.


1           Adagio

2           Solo

3           Lento

4           Variation I

5           Variation II

6           Variation III

7           Adagio

8           Quasi candenza

9           Tranquillo

10          Moderato

11          Meno mosso

12          Molto allegro

13          Absolutely tranquil

Howard Shelley (piano)

BBC Symphony Orchestra, David Atherton (conductor)

Recorded in Watford Town Hall on 30th January 1986. 



14          Allegro

15          L'istesso tempo

16          Waltz

17          [Variation II]

18          [Variation III]

19          Adagio

20          Lamentoso

21          Tranquillo

22          Grave

23          Ritmico

24          Pesante

25          Meno mosso

Chloe Hanslip (violin)

BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Clark Rundell (conductor)

Recorded at Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff, 2nd & 3rd April 2014


26          Grave

27          Allegro

28          Adagio

29          Adagio

30          Allegro molto

31          Adagio

32          Allegro molto

33          Adagio

34          Grave

Jennifer Bate (organ)

BBC Symphony Orchestra, David Atherton (conductor)

Recorded at the Royal Festival Hall on 31 January 1986

35          MERSEYSIDE ECHOES (1986)

BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Clark Rundell (conductor)

Recorded at Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff, 2nd & 3rd April 2014

Total time:  76’01’’


  1. admin

    ‘I find Dickinson to be a curious composer but an interesting one. Do try this CD.’
    Edward Clark, British Music Society e-news, September 2015

  2. admin

    ‘Peter Dickinson’s three concertos delight in playfulness, and imaginative use of Americana and Beethoven.’
    Geoff Brown, BBC Music Magazine, January 2015

  3. admin

    ‘I’ve really enjoyed it {Violin Concerto}…………. these poly-stylistic juxtapositions are intriguing and very well handled.’
    Andrew McGregor, BBC Radio 3 CD Review, 3rd January 2015

  4. admin

    ‘These three concertos exemplify the resourceful and subtle interplay between ‘popular’ and ‘art’ music which has long been central to his thinking……. this absorbing and highly recommendable release.’
    Richard Whitehouse, Gramophone, January 2015

  5. admin

    ‘With a keen ear for sonority and not one to miss a trick theatrically, Dickinson’s concertos show the composer at his most imaginative.’
    Classical Music Magazine, January 2015

  6. admin

    ‘Merseyside Echoes is one of the best pieces of cross-over music that I have heard … The [organ] concerto is at times beautiful, scary and mystical. Jennifer Bate is a tremendous advocate for this music. A masterpiece … This is a fantastic CD from Heritage which showcases four superb works by Peter Dickinson. It is well-presented, superbly recorded and brilliantly performed by the soloists and orchestras. The liner-notes by the composer are detailed and essential for proactive listening. These works display Dickinson’s ability to write music that is at the same time approachable and challenging. His ability to fuse diverse musical styles is masterly. This is a fitting 80th birthday tribute to a great composer, performer, teacher and writer.’
    John France, Music Web International, 7th November 2014

  7. admin

    ‘Chloe Hanslip’s formidable performance of the Violin Concerto’
    Malcolm Miller, Music and Vision, 15th November 2014

  8. admin

    ‘{Violin Concerto} wonderfully evoked in a brand new recording’
    Nigel Simeone, International Record Review, November 2014

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