Walton conducts Walton: Façade Suites 1 & 2, Troilus and Cressida (Scenes)


HTGCD223 – 5013993888499

Walton’s own interpretations of the Façade Suites and operatic scenes from Troilus and Cressida provide unique insight into these works. The latter features the incomparable singing of Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Richard Lewis. Both performances showcase Walton’s considerable talents as a conductor – essential listening for lovers of British music.


    Facade Suites 1& 2

  1. Fanfare (2nd Suite, No.1)
  2. Scotch Rhapsody (2nd Suite, No. 2)
  3. Valse (1st Suite, No.2)
  4. Tango-Passadoble (1st Suite, No. 4)
  5. Swiss Yodelling Song (1st Suite, No.3)
  6. Country Dance (2nd Suite, No.3)
  7. Polka (1st Suite, No. 1)
  8. Noche Espanola (2nd Suite, No. 4)
  9. Popular Song (2nd Suite, No.5)
  10. Old Sir Faulk (2nd Suite, No. 6)
  11. Tarantella Sevillana (1st Suite, No. 5)
  12. Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir William Walton
    Recording first published 1958

    Troilus and Cressida (scenes)

  13. Act I – Is Cressida a slave? (Troilus)
  14. Act I – Slowly it all comes back (Cressida, Evadne, Pandarus)
  15. Act II – How can I sleep? (Cressida)
  16. Act II – If one last doubt remain (Troilus)
  17. Act II – Now close your arms (Cressida, Troilus)
  18. Act III – All’s well! (Watchmen, Cressida, Evadne)
  19. Act III – Diomede! Father! (Cressida)
  20. Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir William Walton
    Troilus – Richard Lewis (tenor)
    Cressida – Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (soprano)
    Evadne – Monica Sinclair (contralto)
    Three Watchmen – Geoffrey Walls (tenor), John Hauxvell (baritone), Lewis Thomas (tenor)
    Recording first published 1955


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