Maurice Emmanuel: Six Sonatines


Peter Jacobs piano

HTGCD 157 – 5060332662029

1 CD

‘Maurice Emmanuel was an exact contemporary of Debussy but his quietly revolutionary musical mind worked in a different way to his much more lauded compatriot. Emmanuel’s music was saturated in Burgundian soil and it embraced folklore, carillon and modes in a progressive absorption of influence and sound world. The Six Sonatines are the perfect focus of attention to consider the ways in which he moved from folk song to Hindu modes and thence to a very personal relationship with baroque dance forms.’ Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International

Maurice Emmanuel’s Six Sonatines were championed by Peter Jacobs in the late 1980s. His recording of these miniature masterpieces, the first undertaking of its kind, was the recipient of a coveted Penguin Guide rosette in 1994.


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