Domenico Zipoli: Complete Suites and Partitas


Giovanni Nesi (piano)

HTGCD298 – 5060332661466

Domenico Zipoli, an Italian Jesuit composer of the Baroque era, is justly celebrated for the liturgical music he produced in South America. Less familiar, although popular at the time, are the secular works he composed in Italy in the early 18th century. His collection ‘Sonate d’intavolatura’, charming and tuneful in style, contains both suites and partitas for keyboard. Giovanni Nesi gives world premiere performances of these works on the modern piano.


Suite I in B Minor; Suite II in G Minor; Suite III in C Major; Partita in C Major; Suite IV in D Minor
Partita in A Minor

Total time:  66.56


  1. admin

    ‘a sense of proportion , expression and stylistic awareness.’
    Musica, April 2016

  2. admin

    ‘Nesi should be appreciated for the freshness with which he informs us, through a piano keyboard, about a musician who has stayed in the shadows’
    La Gazzetta di Parma, April 2016

  3. admin

    ‘he does it very successfully, with a large range of emotions, so placing emphasis on the beauty of the music.’
    Pizzicato, April 2016

  4. admin

    ‘It is delicious to enjoy the Baroque on the modern piano, played with freedom and colours by Giovanni Nesi.’
    La Republica, April 2016

  5. admin

    ‘That Zipoli can be translated from old to new keyboard instrument is triumphantly demonstrated in this premiere recording by his countryman Giovanni Zipoli. He’s not shy about taking possession of the music, applying ornamentation judiciously… Nesi’s enthusiasm for the music shines through at every point… The two extended Partitas are particularly fine and, in both, Nesi builds through them to thrilling effect… an intriguing disc.
    Gramophone, April 2016

  6. admin

    ‘If you have appreciated Angela Hewitt and Murray Perahia playing Bach, Handel and others on the modern piano, then you will enjoy making the acquaintance of Zipoli and Nesi’
    David Barker, MusicWeb International, November 2015

  7. admin

    ‘We must not forget the talent of the performer whose treatment of the score is one of simple authenticity… Zipoli’s stature has not yet been well measured… Hooray ! Great recording, with author and performer at the top.’
    Angelo Formenti, CD Classico, November 2015

  8. admin

    ‘Voilà un des disques de l’année!’
    Maciej Chiżyński, ReMusica, France, November 2015

  9. admin

    ‘Grace, nobility, and especially melodic beauty, are key elements of this music. These works were originally written for the harpsichord, but their expressive warmth and melancholy colors are much more suited to the piano. Hats off to Giovanni Nesi for giving us the pleasure.’
    Jean-Yves Duperron, Classical Music Sentinel, November 2015

  10. admin

    ‘Nesi finds some sort of liquidity of sound, an expression that never belittles the clarity of the speech and the polyphony.’
    Radio Classica, Italia, September 2015

  11. admin

    ‘Giovanni Nesi records Zipoli on the piano for the first time with great taste , without skimping on freedom of expression.’
    Milano Finanza, September 2015

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