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Benny Goodman

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As a jazz clarinettist Benny Goodman had no peer. But his enthusiasm and virtuosity led him to interpret the most important works of the classical clarinet canon and to commission new works. This CD release gathers together some of his most notable achievements in the genre of classical music.

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Mozart: Quintet for Clarinet and Strings K. 581  

  1. Allegro  5.55
  2. Larghetto 5.31
  3. Menuetto 6.17
  4. Allegretto con variazioni 1-4; Adagio; Allegro 8.42
  5. with the Budapest String Quartet – Joseph Roisman and Alexander Schneider (vlns), Boris Kroyt (vla), Mischa Schneider (vcl)

    (Rec. 25/4/38, New York, Victor 1885/7 and 14921 in set M 452; mats BS 022904-2, 022905-2, 022902-2, 022903-1, 022906-1, 022907-1, CS 022908-2, 022909-1)

      Bartok: Contrasts for violin, clarinet and piano  

  6. Verbunkos (Recruiting Dance) 5.22
  7. Piheno (Relaxation) 4.28
  8. Sebes (Fast Dance) 6.49
  9. with Bela Bartok (piano) and Joseph Szigeti (vln)

    (Rec. 13/5/40, Los Angeles, Col. 70362/3-D in set X 178; mats WXCO 26819-A, 26820-A, 26821-A, 26822-C)


  10. Debussy: First Rhapsody 7.17

  with The Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York and Sir John Barbirolli

(Rec. 16/12/40, New York, Col. 11517-D, mats. XCO 29461/2, both Take 1)

  Brahms: Sonata No. 2 in E Flat for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 120 No. 2  

  1. Allegro amabile 7.29
  2. Allegro appassionato 5.21
  3. Andante con moto (Theme and Variations)  6.24
  4.   with Nadia Reisenberg (piano)

    (Rec. 26/12/45, New York, Col. 71813/5-D in set M 629; mats XCO 35536-1, 35537-1, 35538-2, 35539-2, 35540-1, 35541-1)  

  5. Beethoven (arr. Bellison): Variations on a theme from Mozart’s Don Giovanni3.09
  6.   with Nadia Reisenberg (piano)

    (from NBC Radio Broadcast, 2/9/46, New York)  

  7. Weber: Rondo from Grand Duo Concertante in E Flat, Op. 48 (3rd Movt.) 3.39
  8.   with Nadia Reisenberg (piano)

    (from NBC Radio Broadcast,15/7/46, New York)  

    Total playing time:  77.15  

    Transfers by David Lennick. Noise reduction by Graham Newton. Original 78s from the collections of David Lennick, David Burnham and Arthur Zimmerman.



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