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Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 1-6

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 1-6

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 1-6Hamburg Chamber Orchestra, Harry Newstone (conductor)

HTGCD 195/6 – 5060332661787

Harry Newstone, one of the first and best ‘scholar conductors’, recorded his famous set of Brandenburg Concertos with the Hamburg Chamber Orchestra for the SAGA label in 1959. Long seen as highly stylised, particularly with the back drop of performances from the ‘historically informed’ movement, they were, in effect, thoughtful, erudite renditions which introduced a generation of Baroque enthusiasts to these wonderful works. The recordings were so successful that they appeared at the top of the SAGA bestseller list for years. But a CD version has never been available. Heritage has joined forces with KlassicHaus in the US to produce excellent transfers of these classic performances. Informative and engaging notes are provided by Tully Potter.

Gramophone Editor’s Choice, August 2017
‘As Heritage Records now proves, these characterful Newstone recordings… revisited high standards that had not been heard since the pre-War versions… the sound comes up remarkably well… a valuable release with excellent notes by Tully Potter.’
Rob Cowan, Gramophone, August 2017

‘A significant set, Harry Newstone’s early stereo Brandenburg Concertos get a deserved re-release.’
Martin Cullingford, Gramophone, August 2017

‘It’s good news that Heritage has selected this set for reissue, with fine vinyl transfers by John Whitmore and digital restoration courtesy of Curt Timmons… The recordings stand up to scrutiny very well. This is buoyant and resilient playing with excellent solo contributions from a raft of distinguished players… Newstone was an important figure of the time and he has retained a niche place in collectors’ hearts. Discs like this twofer explain why that is.’
Jonathon Woolf, MusicWeb International, June 2017

Track Listing

CD 1
1-3 No. 1 in F major, BWV 1046; 2-6 No. 2 in F major, BWV 1047; 3-9 No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048
CD 2
1-3 No. 4 in G major, BWV 1049; 4-6 No. 5 in D major, BWV 1050; 5-9 No. 6 in B flat major, BWV 1051

John Ireland Chamber Music

John Ireland Chamber Music

John Ireland Chamber MusicTessa Robbins (violin), Thea King (clarinet), Alan Rowlands (piano)

HTGCD 197 – 5060332661763

This record brings together two classic performances of chamber works by John Ireland. Originally made for the SAGA label in the early 1960s, the recordings have been remastered and both appear on CD for the first time. It is particularly gratifying to feature the playing of violinist Tessa Robbins, one of the UK’s finest post-war violinists, who made precious few recordings. Alan Rowlands’ stereo performances of Ireland’s popular piano pieces receive their first commercial release and offer an opportunity for comparison with the earlier mono recordings he made for Lyrita. Thea King performs the Fantasy-Sonata which was originally written for and performed by her teacher (later her husband), Frederick Thurston. The project is supported by the John Ireland Trust.

‘Valuable for their second-generation status and for revealing how Ireland’s original interpreters passed on the lineage to their students and, thence, beyond.’
Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International August 2017
Track Listing
Violin Sonata No. 2
Tessa Robbins (vln), Alan Rowlands (pf)
Fantasy-Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
Thea King (vln), Alan Rowlands (pf)
The Cherry Tree
The Towing-Path
Spring will not wait
The Island Spell
Month’s Mind
Summer Evening
The Holy Boy
Spring Sorrow
Alan Rowlands (pf)

Percy Grainger: The Complete Music for Four Hands, Two Pianos

Percy Grainger: The Complete Music for Four Hands, Two Pianos

Percy Grainger: The Complete Music for Four Hands, Two PianosPenelope Thwaites, John Lavender, Timothy Young (pianos)

HTGCD 403 – 5060332661725

4 CDs

The music of Percy Grainger (1882–1961) for piano/s four hands ranges from a few intimate duets to a significant body of quasi-orchestral concert works. The great majority were written for two instruments and they exploit this rich resource to the full. Given that almost all were originally works for chamber, orchestral, wind-band or choral forces, pianists have the widest possible range of sound references.

Leading Grainger scholar and performer, Penelope Thwaites, has newly recorded a fourth CD with fellow Australian pianist, Timothy Young, to add to the three existing CDs of Grainger’s music she recorded with John Lavender for the Pearl label in the 1990s. All four CDs contain many world premieres, including the discovery of a youthful piano concerto fragment, and provide a fascinating insight into Grainger’s pianistic output.

‘A remarkably wide-ranging guide to the musical enthusiasms, curiosities and pianistic ingenuity of a complex musical personality.’
Andrew MacGregor, BBC Radio 3, CD Review, June 2017

‘25 years or so ago the Australian pianist [Penelope Thwaites], with John Lavender, recorded three cherished CDs of Grainger’s music and arrangements for four hands… Passion undimmed, along with dexterity, she recently recorded a fourth… Her companion at the keys is now Timothy Young, though the playing’s flair and precision is unchanged.’
Geoff Brown, BBC Music Magazine, February 2017 4* recording

‘This enterprise is impressive for its authenticity… It is hardly possible to fault this historic set of recordings, another milestone in the legacy of Grainger.’
Vincent Plush, The Australian, December 2016

Track Listing

To follow…

English Song: John Shirley-Quirk

Albinoni: Complete Concertos for Solo Oboe

HTGCD283/4 – 5060332661022

As a tribute to the late John Shirley-Quirk, Heritage is proud to re-issue the recordings he made of English song for the SAGA label in the 1960s. Three LPs were originally laid down – Songs of Travel, A Recital of English Song and The Songs of John Ireland – and they appear here as a double CD. The performances are considered by many to be definitive and the present collection, re-mastered from the original tapes, appears by king permission of the SAGA Continuation Trust.

Performance: *****
Recording: ****
‘A wide ranging collection of English song that shows the mastery of the great bass-baritone, working with some of the finest accompanists of his time.’

– George Hall, BBC Music Magazine, September 2015

‘Beautifully eloquent story-telling from the fondly remembered British bass-baritone’.
‘A collection of English songs from three SAGA LPs, sensitively mastered, which show this wonderful singer on top form’.
‘Characteristically informed and affectionate notes by Tully Potter provide context and Shirley-Quirk’s immaculate diction makes texts unnecessary.’

– James Jolly, Gramophone, February 2015

‘Shirley-Quirke is sensitive, both as regards the vocalism per se, his use of voice and the responses to the words, treated intelligently.’
– John T. Hughes, International Record Review, February 2015

‘a reminder of what an asset the late baritone was to the English music scene.’
– Barry Forshaw, CD Choice, 13th December 2014

Track Listing

CD 1

Songs of Travel (Poems by Robert Louis Stephenson)

  1. The Vagabond     3.11
  2. Let Beauty Awake   1.40
  3. The Roadside Fire   2.25
  4. Youth and Love   3.02
  5. In Dreams   2.32
  6. The Infinite Shining Heaven 2.17
  7. Wither must I wander   4.16
  8. Bright is the Ring of Words   2.01
  9. I have trod the upward and the downward slope   1.49


  1. Linden Lea (Barnes)   2.52
  2. Silent Noon (Rossetti)   4.36


  1. Sea Fever (Masefield) 2.02


  1. Drake’s Drum (Newbolt) 2.47
  2. The Old Superb (Newbolt)   3.25


  1. Trade Winds (Masefield) 2.22


  1. Captain Stratton’s Fancy (Masefield) 1.39


Six Songs from ‘A Shropshire Lad’ (Houseman)

  1. Loveliest of trees   2.05
  2. When I was one and twenty   1.18
  3. Look not in my eyes   1.52
  4. Think no more, lad   1.19
  5. The lads in their hundreds   1.57
  6. Is my team ploughing?   3.00


Three Songs from ‘Ludlow Town’ (Houseman)

  1. When smoke stood up from Ludlow   3.08
  2. Say, lad, have you things to do?     1.41
  3. Farewell to barn and stack and trees   1.58

Total time: 61.15

Tracks 1-16 – Viola Tunnerd (piano)

Tracks 17-22 – Martin Isepp (piano)
CD 2
PURCELL (Ed. Tippett and Bergmann)

  1. Man is for the woman made     1.01
  2. Music for a while   3.15
  3. ‘twas within a furlong of Edinburgh Town 1.40

PURCELL (Realisation by Benjamin Britten)

  1. Secular cantata for baritone, two violins and continuo: When night her purple veil   15.30

PELHAM HUMFREY (Ed. Tippett and Bergmann)

  1. A Hymne to God the Father     2.49


Five Songs to poems by Thomas Hardy

  1. Beckon to me to come     1.59
  2. In my sage moments     2.35
  3. It was what you bore with you, Woman   1.04
  4. The tragedy of that moment   1.40
  5. Dear, think not that they will forget you   1.56

Songs Sacred and Profane

  1. The Advent (Meynell)   3.13
  2. Hymn for a Child (Townsend Warner)   1.48
  3. My Fair (Meynell) 2.52
  4. The Salley Gardens (Yeats) 1.46
  5. The Soldier’s Return (Townsend Warner) 1.01
  6. The Scapegoat (Townsend Warner) 1.20
  7. Santa Chiara (Symons) 2.34
  8. The Heart’s Desire (Houseman) 1.55
  9. The merry month of May (Dekker) 1.34
  10. Spring Sorrow (Brook) 1.22
  11. The Sacred Flame (Mary Coleridge)   1.40
  12. Great Things (Hardy)   2.04
  13. Love and Friendship (Emily Bronte)   2.16
  14. Friendship in Misfortune (Anon.)   1.43
  15. I have twelve Oxen (Anon.)   1.55

Total time: 65.11

Tracks 1-5 – Martin Isepp (harpsichord and piano)

Tracks 2-5 – Ambrose Gauntlett (viola da gamba)

Track 4 – Nona Liddell and Ivor McMahon (violins)

Tracks 6 – 25 – Eric Parkin (piano)

Digitally re-mastered from the original SAGA masters, using M15 Telefunken 20 bit technology.