Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin


Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten

HTGCD234 – 5013993893592

Britten and Pears were formidable in their interpretations of a variety of repertoire but their recordings of Schubert were particularly insightful. The 1960 recording of Die schöne Müllerin is captured here accompanied by three lieder which were released a year later.

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Schubert: Die Schone Mullerin D795

  1. Das Wandern
  2. Wohin?
  3. Halt!
  4. Danksagung an den Bach
  5. Am Feirerabend
  6. Der Neugierige
  7. Ungeduld
  8. MorgenruB
  9. Des Mullers Blumen
  10. Tranenregen
  11. Mein!
  12. Pause
  13. Mit dem grunen Lautenbande
  14. Der Jager
  15. Eifersucht und Stolz
  16. Die liebe Farbe
  17. Die bose Farbe
  18. Trockne Blumen
  19. Der Muller und der bach
  20. Des Baches Wiegenlied
  21. 3 Lieder

  22. An die Laute D905
  23. Die Taubenpost D957 No. 14
  24. Der Einsame D800

Peter Pears (tenor), Benjamin Britten (piano)
Recording first published in 1960 (tracks 1-20) and 1961 (tracks 21-23)


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    ‘Britten who is, as we know, a wonderful accompanist, excels himself in this cycle and his artistic partnership with Pears gives us a most imaginative and moving interpretation of the wonderful work.’

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