Samuil Feinberg: Songs


Rita Ahonen (mezzo); Sami Luttinen (bass); Christophe Sirodeau (piano)

AIRCD 9038 – 076958703829

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Drug moi milyi (My Beloved) Op.16, No.2
I ya opyat zatih u nog (Snezhnaya noch) (Once more I'm silent at your feet (Snowy Night) Op.7, No.2
Kogda... Golos vetra (When... The Voice of Wind) Op.14, No.4
Maritsa, Op.47
Naprasno ya begu k Sionskim vysotam (In vain I hasten onto the heights of Sion), Op.16, No.3
Ne pravda li my v skazke (We're living in a story) Op.14, No.1
Net ne tebia... (No, it's not you I love so hotly) Op.28, No.6
Ona rosla za dalnimi gorami (Beyond the distant mountains she grew up) Op.14, No.2
Plennyi rytsar (The Imprisoned Knight) Op.28, No.2
Russalka (The River Sprite) Op.28, No.5
Son (The Dream) Op.28, No.3
Sozhzhennoye pis'mo (The Burned Letter) Op.26, No.7
Tri kliucha (Three Springs) Op.26, No.5
V bezdeistvii mladom (In Youthful Indolence) Op.7, No.3
Vykhashu ia odin... (Onto the Highway, on my own, I walk) Op.28, No.7
Yevreiskaya pesnya (Hebrew Melody) Op.28, No.4
Yevreiskaya pesnya (Hebrew Melody), Op.27
Zaklinanie (Incantation), Op.4, No.1


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