Bernard Herrmann: Psycho (Complete Music for Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspense Thriller)


National Philharmonic Orchestra, Bernard Herrmann (conductor)

UKCD 2021 – 053068202121

In 1975, Bernard Herrmann took to the studio to record the complete score he wrote for the Hitchcock film, Psycho. This particular recording is unique for being composer-conducted and in addition, features material which is omitted from the more commonly recorded Psycho Suite. Over the years, it has been one of the bestselling Unicorn titles.



The City;


Marion And Sam;



The Patrol Car;

The Car Lot;

The Package;

The Rainstorm;

Hotel Room;

The Window;

The Parlour;

The Madhouse;

The Peephole;

The Bathroom;

The Murder;

The Body;

The Office;

The Curtain;

The Water;

The Car;

The Swamp;

The Search;

The Shadow;

Phone Booth;

The Porch;

The Stairs;

The Knife;

The Search;

The First Floor;

Cabin 10;

Cabin 1;

The Hill;

The Bedroom;

The Toys;

The Cellar;




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