Beethoven: Symphony No. 3, Op. 55 ‘Eroica’, ‘Eroica’ Variations, Op. 35


Westdeutsche Sinfonia, Dirk Joeres (conductor)
Dirk Joeres (piano)

HTGCD BT 2 – 5060332661862


Heritage Records presents the second volume of the Joeres Beethoven cycle, featuring the third symphony ‘Eroica’. Uniquely, the symphony is coupled with the ‘Eroica’ Variations for solo piano, played by Dirk Joeres. The CD is accompanied by a specially conceived DVD, in which the conductor illustrates Beethoven’s compositional genius, performing excerpts on the piano and commenting on snippets from the new recordings.

‘What is it that still fascinates us about Beethoven’s Symphonies two hundred years after they were written? What is it that makes them still so special today? With this video, I would like to take you on a journey into Beethoven’s musical world. To do this it is necessary to discover a little about his compositional techniques. I believe that the more one knows, the more one hears and enjoys and so this series “Beethoven Today” is intended for both experienced listeners and for people who perhaps want to explore Beethoven’s music for the first time.’ © 2016 Dirk Joeres


1-4: Symphony No. 3; 5: ‘Eroica’ Variations for solo piano


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