Oliver Knussen: Where the Wild Things Are


Rosemary Hardy, Mary King, Hugh Herrington, Stephen Richardson, Stephen Rhys-Williams, Andres Gallacher, London Sinfonietta, Oliver Knussen (conductor)

DKPCD 9044 – 5060332661732

Knussen’s one-act opera which brilliantly matches the grotesque fantasy of Sendak’s children’s book of the same name.

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  1. admin

    ‘The LP recording of Oliver Knussen’s fantasy opera is pretty remarkable, but the CD version is stunning. The impression to begin with is of sitting in a very good front stall—close enough to need to turn your head as the cast move about the stage… On record one notices the imaginativeness of Knussen’s sounds more: in a way, they can provide more evocative scenery than even Sendak can.’

  2. admin

    ‘The record presents the piece with all the bite of a live performance…….. The brilliant recording vividly conveys a sense of presence and space.’
    Penguin Guide

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