Viktor Ullmann: Piano Sonatas 1,2,3 & Schoenberg Variations


Maria Garzon (piano)

HTGCD 189 – 5060332661848

Maria Garzon, the acclaimed Spanish pianist, has recorded her second and final volume of the piano sonatas of Viktor Ullmann for the Heritage label, focussing on the early sonatas and the Schoenberg Variations, Op. 3a. Maria received widespread praise for her first volume which brought the music of Ullmann to the attention of a wider group of people and has since made the composer something of a speciality in the concert hall.

Piano Sonata No. 1, Op. 10

Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 19

Piano Sonata No. 3, Op. 26

Variations and Double Fugue on a Theme of Arnold Schoenberg, Op. 3a


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