Ekele: Piano Music by African Composers


Rebeca Omordia (piano)

HTGCD 188 – 5060332661855

Rebeca Omordia’s recital is designed to bring to a wider audience the music of a number of contemporary black African composers, both living and recent, whose music, for a variety of reasons – often quite unconnected with the artistic merit of the music itself – has remained unknown to what might be termed Western ears. This collection is made up of music by composers from Nigeria.


Ayo Bankole: Variations for Little Ayo; Piano Sonata No. 2 in C major ‘The Passion’; Ya Orule; Nigerian Suite; African Suite

Fred Onovwerosuoke: 24 Studies in African Rhythms (excerpts)

Christian Onyeji: Ekele (Greeting); Echoes of Traditional Life; Chineke Diri Ekele (arranged by Christian Onyeji)


  1. admin

    ‘Music by the UK educated Nigerian Bankole dominates this beautiful recital. If, occasionally, a heavy piety mars his ambitious Piano Sonata No. 2, smaller-scale secular pieces reliably hit the mark. Eight fine examples from the Ghana-born Fred Onovwerosuoke’s 24 Studies in African Rhythm, though indebted to Chopin and Bartok, preserve an authentic local spirit, while Christian Onyeji’s tantalising talents are also briefly glimpsed.’
    Stephen Pettitt, The Sunday Times March 2018

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