Evensong from King’s College Cambridge


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Evensong at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge is almost as famous as the service of Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve. This Evensong recording is typical of the service held in the chapel each day and includes music by Adrian Batten, William Smith, Charles Villiers Stanford, Patrick Hadley and Francis Jackson, in addition to wonderful performances of Bach’s Sacred Part Songs.

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  1. Introit – Adrian Batten: O Praise the Lord    1.12
  2. Sentences - I will arise; Almighty and most merciful Father; Almighty God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ leading into The Lord’s Prayer 2.46
    (Read by the Chaplain of King’s College Chapel, the Rev. Martyn Hughes)
  3. Responses – William Smith   1.05
  4. Psalms – When the Lord turned again the captivity of Sion (No. 126); Except the Lord built the house (No. 127); Blessed is everyone that feareth the Lord (No. 128); Many a time have they fought against me (No. 129) 6.40
  5. First Lesson – Isaiah LXI 2.33
    (Read by Christopher Keyte)
  6. Magnificat in G – Charles Villiers Stanford   4.43
    (Solo treble: Richard White)
  7. Second Lesson – St. Luke IV. 16-32 2.49
    (Read by The Rev. Martyn Hughes)
  8. Nunc Dimittis in G - Charles Villiers Stanford   4.23
    (Solo baritone: John Walker)
  9. Creed   1.11
  10. Prayers   1.34
  11. Collects 3.22
  12. Anthem – Patrick Hadley: My beloved spake 2.51
  13. Prayers for the Queen, The Royal Family and for the founder of the college, King Henry VI 2.57
  14. Final responses – William Smith 0.25
  15. Concluding Voluntary – Francis Jackson: Toccata in B Minor 4.41

The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

Boris Ord (director), Hugh McLean (organ)

Recording first published in 1956.

J.S. Bach: Sacred Part-Songs

  1. O Jesu so meek, O Jesu so kind 2.58
  2. Jesus is this dark world’s light   2.30
  3. Lord, pour not thy vengeance on me   2.56
  4. Now is the mournful time   4.43
  5. It is finished   3.49
  6. Breath of God, life giving   2.41
  7. God liveth still   2.36

The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

David Willcocks (director), Simon Preston (organ)

Recording first published in 1960.

Total time: 65.44


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