Kate Moore: Velvet


Ole Böhn (violin); Minah Choe (cello); Benjamin Kopp & Daniel Herscovitch (pianos)

HTGCD 137 – 5060332663019

‘Kate Moore draws her inspiration from a diverse array of sources: on the one hand she is fascinated by the natural world, which she explores on lengthy walking tours in a wide range of locations. The paintings of the old masters are also a source of fascination for her, as are the writings of Eastern philosophers. The diversity of her interests is reflected in the diversity of her compositions, where she never repeats herself, each work exploring fresh expressive terrain.

What is striking is that each deploys a different compositional technique according to the individual expressive demands of each.’

Heritage presents a disc of works by Kate Moore for chamber forces, including five world premieres, co-ordinated by pianist Daniel Herscovitch. The pieces are written for various combinations of the following instruments: violin, cello and piano.

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The Body is an Ear (two pianos)
Dies Irae* (violin & piano)
Velvet* (cello & piano)
The Way of the Dead* (violin & piano)
Zomer (solo piano)
Heather* (violin & piano)
Lucidity: Eyes of Hands* (solo piano)
*Denotes world premiere recording


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