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Heritage Choral

The Music of Christopher Tye

Cambridge University Choir, Timothy Brown

HTGCD238 – 5013993893998

Christopher Tye (1505–1572) was an important figure in the English renaissance. His career was based around the centres of Cambridge and Ely and spanned the English Reformation. He wrote both in Latin and its vernacular successor. Few albums of Tye’s music are available and the superb Cambridge University Chamber Choir, formed from elite singers taken from various colleges, gives a perfect introduction to Tye’s output. The choir is conducted by the world-renowned choral director, Timothy Brown.

75 minutes

Track Listing
  1. In pace in idipsum
  2. Gloria laus et honor
  3. Kyrie Orbis factor
    Missa Euge Bone

  5. Gloria
  6. Credo
  7. Sanctus
  8. Agnus dei
  9. Quaesumus omnipotens et misericors dues
  10. Omnes gentes plaudite minibus
  11. Christ rising again from the dead
  12. I lift my heart to thee
  13. To Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  14. From the depth I called on thee
  15. Deliver us, good Lord
  16. Give alms of thy goods
  17. Nunc Dimittis    3

Recorded in July 1990 in the chapel of Jesus College, Cambridge