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Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears The Early HMV Recordings

Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten

HTGCD229 – 5013993891796

Britten and Pears’ early collaborations for HMV display an infectious vigour. Britten’s own works, the Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo Op. 22, and the Holy Sonnets of John Donne Op. 35, are given definitive readings. Also included are folk song settings by Britten, Grainger and Copland and the programme concludes with two of Schubert’s most famous songs: Im Frühling and Auf der Bruck.Essential listening for fans of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears.

72 minutes

Track Listing
Britten: Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo, Op.22

  1. Si come nella penna
  2. A che piu debb ‘io mai
  3. Veggio co ‘bei vostri occhi
  4. Tu sa ‘ch ‘io so
  5. Rendete a gl ‘occhi miei
  6. S’un casto amor
  7. Spirto ben nato
  8. Recorded 20th November 1942
    Britten: The Holy Sonnets of John Donne, Op. 35

  9. Oh my blacke soule!
  10. Batter my heart
  11. O might those sighes and teares
  12. Oh, to vex me
  13. What if this present
  14. Since she whom I loved
  15. At the round earth’s imagined corners
  16. Thou hast made me
  17. Death, be not proud
  18. Recorded on 29th August and 12th December 1947


    Folk song arrangements

  19. The Plough Boy
  20. Come you not from Newcastle
  21. Recorded on 27th August 1947

  22. O Waly, waly
  23. Recorded on 15th November 1950

  24. The Foggy, Foggy Dew

  26. Six Dukes went a-fishin
  27. Recorded on 15th November 1950

  28. The Boatmen’s Dance (Minstrel Song 1843) from Old American Songs
  29. Long Time Ago from Old American Songs
  30. Recorded on 30th September 1950

  31. The Dodger (Campaign Song) from Old American Songs
  32. Simple Gifts (Shaker Song) from Old American Songs
  33. Recorded on 29th September 1950

  34. I bought me a cat
  35. Recorded on 30th September 1950


  36. Schubert: Im Fruhling, D. 882 (Schulze)
  37. Recorded on 29thth September 1950

  38. Schubert: Auf der Bruck, D. 853 (Schulze)
  39. Recorded on 15th November 1950


English Song

Peter Pears, Benjamin Britten, Julian Bream

HTGCD224 – 5013993888598

Peter Pears’ voice was undoubtedly one of the finest and most distinctive of the twentieth century and here he collaborates with Julian Bream and Benjamin Britten in performances of English song. Repertoire includes works by Ford, Morley, Rosseter, Dowland, Pilkington, Campian, Bridge, Butterworth, Ireland, Moeran, Warlock, Holst, Berkeley, Oldham and Britten.

79 minutes

Track Listing
  1. Ford – Fair, sweet, cruel
  2. Rosseter – When Laura Smiles
  3. Dowland – I saw my lady weep
  4. Morley – It was a lover and his lass
  5. Dowland – Awake, sweet love
  6. Rosseter – What then is love but mourning
  7. Morley – Mistress mine, well may you fare
  8. Dowland – Fine knacks for ladies
  9. Rosseter – Sweet come again
  10. Morley – Thyrsis and Milla
  11. Dowland – Sorrow stay
  12. Ford – Come Phyllis come
  13. Morley – I saw my lady weeping
  14. Pilkington – Rest, sweet nymphs
  15. Morley – What if my mistress now
  16. Campian – Come let us sound with melody
  17. Anon. – Misere, my maker
  18. Rosseter – What is a day?
  19. Campian – Fair if you expect admiring
  20. Campian – Shall I come sweet love?
  21. Dowland – If my complaints
  22. Dowland – What if I never speed
    Julian Bream (lute)

  24. Bridge – Go not, happy day (Tennyson)
  25. Butterworth – Is my team ploughing? (Housman)
  26. Ireland – I have twelve oxon (anon.)
  27. Moeran – In youth is pleasure (Wever)
  28. Warlock – Yarmouth Fair (anon.)
  29. Holst – Persephone (Humbert Wolfe)
  30. Berkeley – How love came in (Herrick)
  31. Britten – Let the florid music praise! (Auden)
    Oldham – Three Chinese lyrics

  33. Herd Boy’s Song
  34. Fishing
  35. Pedlar of Spells

  37. Bridge – Love went a-riding (Mary Coleridge)

Benjamin Britten (piano)
Tracks 1-7 first published in 1956
Tracks 8-22 first published in 1960
Tracks 23-34 first published in 1956