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Walton conducts Walton: Belshazzar’s Feast, Partita, Overtures, Marches

Walton conducts Walton: Belshazzar’s Feast, Partita, Overtures, MarchesHTGCD225 – 5013993890096

Heritage presents Walton’s first recording of Belshazzar’s Feast, recorded during the Second World War, featuring the baritone soloist Dennis Noble who very much made the work his own. The disc also includes the thrilling Partita and a selection of overtures and marches including Portsmouth Point, Johannesburg Festival Overture, Orb and Sceptre and Crown Imperial.

76 minutes

Track Listing

Belshazzar’s Feast, Cantata for Mixed Choirs, Baritone Solo and Orchestra

  1. Thus spake Isiah
  2. Sing us one of the Songs of Zion
  3. By the Waters of Babylon
  4. Babylon was a great City
  5. Praise ye, the god of Gold
  6. Praise ye the Gods
  7. Thus in Babylon the mighty City
  8. And in that same hour
  9. Then sing, sing sloud
    The Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Brass Bands, Sir William Walton
    The Huddersfield Choir, Dennis Noble (baritone)
    Recorded in 1943
    Partita for Orchestra

  11. Toccata – Brioso
  12. Pastorale sicilana: Andante comodo
  13. Giga Burlesca – Allegro gioviale
    Recording first published in 1960

  15. Johannesberg Festival Overture
    Recording first published in 1958

  17. Portsmouth Point
  18. Orb and Sceptre
  19. Crown Imperial
    Recordings first published in 1953
    Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir William Walton


Walton conducts Walton: Façade Suites 1 & 2, Troilus and Cressida (Scenes)

Walton conducts Walton: Façade Suites 1 & 2, Troilus and Cressida (Scenes)HTGCD223 – 5013993888499

Walton’s own interpretations of the Façade Suites and operatic scenes from Troilus and Cressida provide unique insight into these works. The latter features the incomparable singing of Elisabeth Schwarzkopf and Richard Lewis. Both performances showcase Walton’s considerable talents as a conductor – essential listening for lovers of British music.

75 minutes

Track Listing

Facade Suites 1& 2

  1. Fanfare (2nd Suite, No.1)
  2. Scotch Rhapsody (2nd Suite, No. 2)
  3. Valse (1st Suite, No.2)
  4. Tango-Passadoble (1st Suite, No. 4)
  5. Swiss Yodelling Song (1st Suite, No.3)
  6. Country Dance (2nd Suite, No.3)
  7. Polka (1st Suite, No. 1)
  8. Noche Espanola (2nd Suite, No. 4)
  9. Popular Song (2nd Suite, No.5)
  10. Old Sir Faulk (2nd Suite, No. 6)
  11. Tarantella Sevillana (1st Suite, No. 5)
    Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir William Walton
    Recording first published 1958
    Troilus and Cressida (scenes)

  13. Act I – Is Cressida a slave? (Troilus)
  14. Act I – Slowly it all comes back (Cressida, Evadne, Pandarus)
  15. Act II – How can I sleep? (Cressida)
  16. Act II – If one last doubt remain (Troilus)
  17. Act II – Now close your arms (Cressida, Troilus)
  18. Act III – All’s well! (Watchmen, Cressida, Evadne)
  19. Act III – Diomede! Father! (Cressida)

Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir William Walton
Troilus – Richard Lewis (tenor)
Cressida – Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (soprano)
Evadne – Monica Sinclair (contralto)
Three Watchmen – Geoffrey Walls (tenor), John Hauxvell (baritone), Lewis Thomas (tenor)
Recording first published 1955


Eric Coates conducts Eric Coates: The London Suites, Three Elizabeths Four, Centuries

HTGCD222 – 5013993889991

Eric Coates, the doyen of British Light Music, conducts a selection of his most popular works including By the sleepy lagoon, immortalised as the theme tune to Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs. Also included are his celebrated London Suites and his royal portrait, The Three Elizabeths.

79 minutes

‘Coates was one of the supreme masters of ‘light’ music… this reissue is especially valuable… the transfers dubbed from LP have been superbly done.’
– International Record Review, November 2012
Track Listing

London Suite

  1. Covent garden – Tarantelle
  2. Westminster – Meditation
  3. Knightsbridge – March
  4. London Again Suite

  5. Oxford Street – March
  6. Langham Place – Elegy
  7. Mayfair – Valse
  8. The Philharmonic Promenade Orchestra, Eric Coates
    Recording first published 1953

    The Three Elizabeths – Suite

  9. Elizabeth Tudor
  10. Elizabeth Glamis – The Queen Mother
  11. Queen Elizabeth
  12. New Symphony Orchestra of London, Eric Coates
    Recorded in 1953

    Four Centuries – Suite

  13. Prelude and Hornpipe (17th Century)
  14. Pavane and Tambourin (18th Century)
  15. Valse (19th Century)
  16. Rhythm (20th Century)
  17. New Symphony Orchestra of London, Eric Coates
    Recorded in 1953

  18. Three Bears – A Phantasy
  19. New Symphony Orchestra of London, Eric Coates
    Recorded in 1949

  20. By the sleepy lagoon – Valse Serenade
  21. Symphony Orchestra, Eric Coates
    Recorded in 1940


Bliss conducts Bliss: A Colour Symphony, Music for Strings, Introduction and Allegro

HTGCD221 – 5013993889892

Sir Arthur Bliss conducts his most famous work, the 1922 symphony which established his reputation. It is coupled with the Music for Strings, perhaps his best work and the Introduction and Allegro inspired by and dedicated to Stokowski and his Philadelphia Orchestra.

66 minutes

‘Fine transfers of some wonderful music by Bliss.’
– Music Web International 2013
‘All the performances are very satisfying and clearly authoritative’
– Classical Recordings Quarterly 2013
Track Listing

A Colour Symphony

  1. Purple, the colour of Amethysts, Pageantry, Royalty and Death (Andante maestoso)
  2. Red, the colour of Rubies, Wine, Revelry, Furnaces, Courage and Magic (Allegro vivace)
  3. Blue, the colour of Sapphires, Deep Water, Skies, Loyalty and Melancholy (Gently flowing)
  4. Green, the colour of Emeralds, Hope, Youth, Joy, Spring and Victory (Moderato)
  5. London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Arthur Bliss
    Recording first published in 1956

    Music for Strings

  6. Allegro moderato, energico
  7. Andante, molto sostenuto – Poco allegretto – Tempo 1
  8. Allegro molto – Andante moderato – Allegro can spirit – Allegro molto – Presto
  9. Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir Arthur Bliss
    Recording first published in 1955

  10. Introduction and Allegro
  11. London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Arthur Bliss
    Recording first published in 1956