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Havergal Brian: The Tigers
John Foulds: Pasquinade Symphonique No. 1

Luxembourg Radio Symphony OrchestraHavergal Brian - The Tigers

HTGCD270 – 5060332660667

Havergal Brian’s first opera, The Tigers, was begun in the middle of World War I – he called it ‘a distraction from war horrors’ – and is essentially a satire on the shambolic unpreparedness of the British army in training on the home front. This CD features the only complete recording of the Symphonic Dances which Brian adapted from the operatic score and the only available recording of Fould’s Pasquinade Symphonique No. 1.

67 minutes

‘These extracts from Brian’s comic-satirical opera offer subtle intervention besides his compulsive prolixity… clear classy performances.’
– Malcolm Hayes, BBC Music Magazine, December 2014

‘The Luxembourg forces render this music with real expressive acuity and Hager directs with unassuming authority’
‘The very real qualities of these readings should ensure they retain their place on the shelves of Brain and Foulds advocates’

– Richard Whitehouse, International Record Review, November 2014

‘It’s not before time that these sparkling performances……….have been restored to the catalogue. Brian’s scintillating orchestral textures still show up brightly in these sympathetic and virtuoso accounts. The sound is…crystal clear…’
– Guy Rickards, Gramophone Awards Issue, September 2014

‘The Brian is good but the Foulds is magnificent. This is a fine disc with clean, immediate sound. It is a little studio bound but there is excellent clarity. The choice of orchestra and conductor may appear to be unusual for the repertoire but they do a fine job.’
– MusicWeb International, June 2014

Track Listing

Havergal Brian
Symphonic Dances from The Tigers

  1. Symphonic Variations
  2. Shadow dance
  3. Gargoyles
  4. Lacryma
  5. Green Pastures
  6. Wild Horesmen


John Foulds
Pasquinade Symphonique No. 1
Luxembourg Radio Symphony Orchestra
Leopold Hager (conductor)
Total time: 67.14

Panufnik: Symphony No. 9 and Bassoon Concerto

Myra HessBBC Symphony Orchestra

HTGCD266 – 5060332660544

To mark the centenary of the birth of Andzej Panufkik (1914-1991), Heritage is proud to release a composer-conducted performance of his Symphony No.9 and Bassoon Concerto, in which he collaborates with Robert Thompson for whom the piece was written.

67 minutes

‘The eloquence achieved pays tribute to both composer and bassoonist in equal measure – a true synthesis of talents dedicated to a complex yet highly focussed objective.’
– Colin Fairburn, Double Reed News, Autumn 2014

‘With the original soloist Robert Thompson… more layers of meaning emerge… and the soloist’s singing lines carry greater conviction… The idealism of the Sinfonia di Speranza could hardly be more authentically conveyed.’
– BBC Music Magazine, June 2014

‘The profound intensity of the music-making shines through with great potency. That is particularly evident in the Bassoon Concerto. Just as he started work on the Concerto, Panufnik heard of the torture and murder of the priest Father Jerzy Popieuszko and decided to dedicate it to his memory. With its humorous connotations, it might seem risky to use the bassoon as a vehicle to express profound grief but such is the power of Panufnik’s writing that what, in other hands, might sound clownish here evokes almost vocal utterances of pain and sorrow. Thompson clearly understands the emotional significance of the work and, supported by alert and incisive playing from the BBC SO, gives a performance of compelling intensity.’
– Gramophone, July 2014

‘This CD, with its exemplary performances and vivid sound quality, deserves to attract a wider listening public to the powerful, lyrical, mournful and sometimes gritty music of Panufnik. The spoken introductions by the composer are a nice finishing touch.’
– MusicWeb International, June 2014

‘There is something compelling about Robert Thompson’s tone and musicianship that makes his performance unforgettable. I’m delighted these recordings have been released’
– Andrew McGregor, BBC Radio 3 CD Review, June 2014

‘The first commercial release by Heritage of one of his sessions with the BBC Symphony Orchestra is much to be welcomed… Thompson invests the Bassoon Concerto with an emotional acuity equal to that of his studio recording, while the forward balance and more numerous string desks again male this seem a bigger and more involving piece… an important archival release.’
– International Record Review, May 2014

‘The Bassoon Concerto is a memorial for the tortured and murdered Polish priest Father Jerzy Popieluszko, and has a pronounced grainy grimness offset by dramatic impulses and Thompson’s beautiful lyric tone. The hopeful symphony not only takes the rainbow as a symbol, but endeavours to translate its optical principles into music. This altogether remarkable and gripping structure is conceived as a 40-minute continuous melodic line.’
– The Sunday Times April 2014

‘Comprising a pair of BBC Symphony Orchestra studio performances recorded shortly before his death in 1991, it profiles the elegiac power of the Bassoon Concerto in a heartfelt reading by Robert Thompson, who commissioned it.
The symphony (Sinfonia di Speranza) is an equally thoughtful, if more long-winded, exploration of Panufnik’s metaphysical preoccupations.’

– Financial Times March 2014

Track Listing
  1. Composer’s introduction: Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra 3.12
  2. Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra 19.20
  3. Composer’s introduction: Symphony No. 9 3.45
  4. Symphony No. 9 ‘Sinfonia di Speranza’ 40.37

Total time: 66’56’’

BBC Symphony Orchestra

Sir Andrzej Panufnik (conductor)

Robert Thompson (bassoon)

A studio recording made on 6th October 1987 for BBC Radio 3, first broadcast in 1990.

Producer: Roger Wright

Havergal Brian: The First Commercial Recordings

Havergal Brian: The First Commercial RecordingsHTGCD256/7 – 5060332660384

An important 2 CD release of the very first commercial recordings of the music of Havergal Brian, made for Columbia and Unicorn in the 1970s. The performances, given by the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra, have been re-mastered and feature the only available recording of the composer’s 21st Symphony.

95 minutes

‘This Heritage release, due to be launched in September, restores to the catalogue the first commercial recordings ever made of Havergal Brian’s music. For its historic significance alone this 2 CD set deserves a warm welcome. Symphonies 10 and 21 were recorded by Unicorn in 1972 and the coupling was available on vinyl (RHS313) and then briefly on a rather dry sounding CD reissue (UKCD2027) some years later. The works on the second CD were recorded by CBS in 1974 but have not been reissued since the original LP release in 1975 (CBS Classics 61612). The Heritage audio engineers have used the original masters as a starting point to produce this reissue.
In summary, this set could convert some new listeners to Brian’s music. The playing is never less than good and it is often brilliant. This should be in the collection of anyone even remotely interested in British music. Bravo.’

– MusicWeb International

10th Symphony – ‘Loughran steers a secure course through this often disquieting score, less inevitable in its progress than Martyn Brabbins’s recent account if plumbing greater depths in those passages where activity ceases and time literally seems to stand still.’
21st Symphony – ‘Eric Pinkett (the LSSO’s music advisor for 28 years until 1976) has its measure – whether in the bracing energy of its opening Allegro, the plaintive eloquence of its Adagio, a scherzo whose lithe energy is complemented by the almost pointillist delicacy of its trio, then a finale whose ingenious sonata-variation format brings the work to a typically recalcitrant close.’
Psalm 23 – ‘With the choral singing unwavering in its commitment (as is Paul Taylor in his eloquent tenor solo) and the LSSO coping ably with exacting contrapuntal writing, this is decidedly superior to Douglas Bostock’s more polished yet relatively uninvolving reading.’
‘Remastering on both discs has brought added depth and clarity to what (courtesy of Leicester’s De Montfort Hall) was originally spacious if at times subfusc sound, and Malcolm MacDonald contributes exemplary annotations (he now seems rather more positive towards Symphony No. 21).’
– International Record Review March 2014

‘The reissue is a gem, having gone back to the original master tapes for the transfers, expertly undertaken by Heritage. The LSSO’s playing is never less than good, and sometimes inspired’
– Havergal Brian Society Newsletter 2014

Track Listing

CD 1

  1. Havergal Brian Symphony No.10 (1954)
    Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra, James Loughran (conductor)
    Havergal Brian Symphony No.21 (1962)
  2. Adagio – Allegro e con anima
  3. Adagio cantabile e sostenuto
  4. Vivace
  5. Allegro con fuoco
    Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra, Eric Pinkett

CD 2

  1. Symphony No. 22 ‘Symphonia Brevis’ (1964-5)
    Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra, Laszlo Heltay (conductor)
  2. Psalm 23 (1901)
    Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra, Laszlo Heltay (conductor), Paul Taylor (tenor), Brighton Festival Chorus

     English Suite No. 5 ‘Rustic Scenes’ (1953)
  3. Trotting to Market
  4. Reverie
  5. The Restless Stream
  6. Village Revels
    Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra, Eric Pinkett (conductor)

Bliss conducts Bliss

Bliss conducts BlissHTGCD220 – 5013993888390

This release focuses on the film and ballet music of Sir Arthur Bliss and the composer-conductor recordings are definitive – a ‘must buy’ for lovers of British music.

72 minutes

‘The recording belies its age and captures a great partnership between composer and soloist. This is a moving climax to another fine Heritage release.’
– Music Web International 2013 of Theme and Cadenza
‘Great performances conducted by Bliss’
– Music Web International 2013
‘The early stereo recording is warm and vivid…….. and has been well transferred.’
– International Record Review, November 2012
Track Listing
  1. Checkmate Suite
  2. Miracle in the Gorbals Suite
  3. Things to Come Suite
  4. Theme and cadenza for Violin
  5. Welcome the Queen

London Symphony Orchestra and London Philharmonic Philharmonic Orchestra
Sir Arthur Bliss (conductor)
Alfredo Campoli (violin)

Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance Marches

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Adrian Boult

Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance MarchesHTGCD250 – 0506033266029

Sir Adrian Boult conducts the London Philharmonic Orchestra in the five Pomp and Circumstance Marches, Dream Children 1&2, The Wand of Youth Suite No. 1 and the Nursery Suite.

77 minutes

Track Listing

Pomp and Circumstance Marches Op. 39

  1. No. 1 in D
  2. No. 2 in A minor
  3. No. 3 in C minor
  4. No. 4 in G
  5. No. 5 in C
    Recorded in 1955
    Dream Children Op. 43

  7. No. 1
  8. No. 2
    Recorded in 1953
    The Wand of Youth Suite No. 1 Op. 1a

  10. Overture
  11. Serenade
  12. Minuet (Old Style)
  13. Sun Dance
  14. Fairy Pipers
  15. Slumber Scene
  16. Faries and Giants
    Recorded in 1953
    Nursery Suite

  18. Aubade
  19. The Serious Doll
  20. Busy-ness
  21. The Sad Doll
  22. The Wagon Passes
  23. The Merry Doll
  24. Dreaming – Envoy (Coda)
    Recorded in 1955
    London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Adrian Boult

Coleridge-Taylor: Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast

Philharmonia Orchestra, Sir Malcolm Sargent, Sir Dan Godrey & Ainslie Murray

Coleridge-Taylor: Hiawatha’s Wedding FeastHTGCD249 – 0506033266029

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor was an English composer, often nicknamed ‘The African Mahler’, who died tragically young. This Heritage release features his most famous work, Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast, as well as the Othello Suite, Four Characteristic Valses and the Petite Suite de Concerts. Sir Malcolm Sargent, Sir Dan Godrey and Ainslie Murray conduct.

71 minutes

‘The music throughout is a constant delight, melodious and extremely well crafted. The orchestration is colourful and in this recording the balance with the chorus is just about perfect. The quality of the sound totally belies its age and the Heritage transfer is sparkling with good stereo spread, depth and an attractive ambient warmth around the singers. The Philharmonia Orchestra is at its formidable peak… This CD is worth the outlay for Hiawatha alone.’
– MusicWeb International February 2014
Track Listing

Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast

  1. You shall hear how Pau-Puk-Keewis
  2. Then the handsome Pau-Puk-Keewis
  3. He was dress’d in shirt of doe-skin
  4. First he danc’d a solemn measure
  5. Then said they to Chibiabos
  6. Onaway! Awake, beloved
  7. This the gentle Chibiabos
  8. Very boastful was lagoo
  9. Such was Hiawatha’s wedding
    Royal Chroal Society, Philharmonia Orchestra, Richard Lewis (tenor)

    Recording first published in 1962
    Othello Suite Op. 79

  11. Dance
  12. Children’s Intermezzo
  13. Funeral March
  14. Willow Song
  15. Military March

    Recorded in 1932
    Petite Suite de Concert Op. 77

  17. La Caprice de nanette
  18. Demande et Reponse
  19. Un Sonnet d’Amour
  20. La Tarantelle Fretillante
    Recorded in 1933
    Four Characteristic Valses Op. 22

  22. Valse Bohemienne
  23. Valse Rustique
  24. Valse de la Reine
  25. Valse Mauresque
    Recorded in 1935

Elgar String Concertos

Elgar String Concertos

Alfredo Campoli, Pablo Casals and Sir Adrian Boult

Elgar String ConcertosHTGCD245 – 5060332660032

Sir Adrian Boult conducts the London Philharmonic and BBC Symphony orchestras with soloists Alfredo Campoli and Pablo Casals in Elgar’s two great string concertos.

73 minutes

‘There are the usual Campoli fingerprints – technical assurance allied to a beautiful, silky singing tone and a romantic approach to the music. He has an instinctive feel for Elgar’s flexibility of phrase and Boult offers fine support… the Heritage transfer is clean and detailed… it’s still a version that remains high on the list.’
– MusicWeb of Campoli’s Elgar, April 2014
Track Listing

Tracks 1- 3 – Violin Concerto in B minor Op. 61

Alfredo Campoli (violin), London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Adrian Boult


Tracks 4-7 – Cello Concerto in E minor Op. 85

Pablo Casals (cello), BBC Symphony Orchestra, Sir Adrian Boult

Britten Premieres

Britten Premieres

Jacques Abram, Julius Katchen and Benjamin Britten

Britten PremieresHTGCD244 – 5060332660025

Jacques Abram and Julius Katchen give first performances of Britten’s two works for piano and orchestra and the composer directs the Danish State Radio Symphony Orchestra in an early recording of his Sinfonia da Requiem.

75 minutes

Track Listing

Tracks 1-4 – Piano Concerto in D Op. 13 (revised version)

Jacques Abram (piano), Philharmonia Orchestra, Herbert Menges


Tracks 5-17 – Diversions Op. 21 for Piano Left Hand and Orchestra

Julius Katchen (piano), London Symphony Orchestra, Benjamin Britten


Tracks 18-20 – Sinfonia da Requiem Op. 20

Danish State Radio Symphony Orchestra, Benjamin Britten


Britten: The Little Sweep

English Opera Group, London Symphony Orchestra

HTGCD236 – 5013993893790

Two of Britten’s rarities, his children’s opera The Little Sweep and the Cantata Academica, have been unavailable for several years. The definitive recordings made with the English Opera Group and the London Symphony Orchestra are now available on one disc.

65 minutes

‘The Little Sweep is one of Britten’s most delightful and instantly appealing works… the cast is superb… this 1955 Decca version with the English Opera Group orchestra is the one to own… the LP transfer to CD is superb.’
– International Record Review, November 2012
Track Listing

The Little Sweep (Let’s make an opera), Op. 45

  1.  “Sweep! Sweep!” (Audience)
  2. “Sweep this chimney!” (Miss Baggott)
  3.  “Now, little white boy!” (Clem/Black Bob)
  4.  “Pull the rope gently” (Children)
  5.  “Is he wounded?” (Children)
  6.  “Sooty tracks upon the sheet” (Children)
  7.  “Run, Poor Sweepboy” (Rowan)
  8.  “The kettles are singing” (Audience)
  9.  “O why do you weep” (Rowan/Sam/Children)
  10.   Pantomine –  “Ah! ….. Blackguards!” (Miss Baggott)
  11.  “Help! Help! She’s Collapsed!” (Miss Baggott)
  12.  “The owl, wide-winging” (Audience)
  13.  “Soon the coach will carry you away” (Juliet)
  14.  “Morning, Sammy” (Johnnie)
  15.  “Ready, Alfred?” (Tom)
  16.   Coaching Song: “The Horses Are Champing” (All)
    Sam, sweep-boy – David Hemmings
    Rowan, the nursery-maid – Jennifer Vyvyan
    Miss Baggott, the housekepper – Nancy Thomas
    Juliet Brook – April Cantelo
    Gay Brook – Michael Ingram
    Sophie Brook – Marilyn Baker
    John Crome  – Robin Fairhurst
    Tina Crome – Gabrielle Soskin
    Hugh Crome – Lyn Vaughan
    Black Bob, the sweep-master – Trevor Anthony
    Clem, the assistant sweep – Peter Pears
    Alfred, the gardener – Peter Pears
    Choir of Alleyn’s School
    English Opera Group Orchestra
    Benjamin Britten (conductor)


    Cantata Academica op. 62

    Part 1

  18. I Bonorum summum omnium
  19. II quqe bene beateque Vivendi
  20. III At huius caelestis
  21. IV Maiorum imprimis virtus
    V tum vero Aenease Sylvius
  22. VI Et gubernacula mundi qui tenet
  23. VII ut ad longaeva tempora

    Part II

  24. VIII Docendi ac discendi aequitati
  25. IX Rhenana erga omnes urbs
  26. X ut itustissime Basilea audiat
    XI O cives Basilienses
  27. XII Nos autem cuncti hoc festo die
  28. XIII vigeatque academia libera

Jennifer Vyvyan (soprano)
Helen Watts (contralto)
Peter Pears (tenor)
Owen Brannigan (bass)
Harold Lester (piano)
London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus
George Malcolm
Tracks 1-16 – recording first published in 1956
Tracks 17-22 – recording first published in 1961


Holst: The Planets, The Perfect Fool, Bax: Tintagel

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Adrian Boult

HTGCD233 – 5013993893493

Heritage presents vintage Boult performances of Holst and Bax, transferred from vinyl with extraordinary results by former EMI engineer Gary Moore. The 1954 recording of The Planets comes from a Nixa LP (NPL 903) and The Perfect Fool and Tintagel were recorded a year later for Decca (LXT 5015).

73 minutes

‘This new Heritage transfer… is impressive by any standards… the transfers from LP are excellent.’
– International Record Review, November 2012
Track Listing

The Planets Suite H125

  1. Mars, The Bringer of War (Allegro)
  2. Venus, The Bringer of Peace (Adagio)
  3. Mercury, The Winged Messanger (Vivace)
  4. Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity (Allegro giocoso)
  5. Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age (Adagio)
  6. Uranus, The Magician (Allegro)
  7. Neptune, The Mystic (Andante)

  9. The Perfect Fool H150, Op. 39

  11. Bax: Tintagel

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Adrian Boult (conductor)
Tracks 1-7 recorded in 1954 in Walthamstow Town Hall (NIXA NPL 903)
Tracks 8-9 recorded in 1955 in Kingsway Hall, London (Decca LXT 5015)
Transfer: Gary Moore