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The Judas Tree

The Judas Tree

HTGCD263 – 50660332660575

The Judas Tree is the fruit of a collaboration between the poet Thomas Blackburn (1916–77) and composer Peter Dickinson. The Washington Cathedral performance is captured here. Blackburn explores the role of Judas in the events leading up to Christ’s passion and death. The varied types of music are deliberately designed to exploit Blackburn’s telling imagery.

70 minutes

‘The recording can be recommended as a vibrant work by two highly imaginative creators on a subject familiar to a global audience.’
– British Music Society Journal, July 2015

‘This is another of Dickinson’s pieces that is emphatically worth hearing – often disturbing and often moving.’
– Nigel Simeone, International Record Review, November 2014

‘This remarkable work……. will surely come as an epiphanal discovery to many listeners……..The performance is compelling and wholly convincing, well recorded.’
– Musical Opinion October-December 2014

‘No one can come away from a performance of thiswork unmoved by its drama, untouched by its poetry, untroubled by its meaning.’
– The Washington Post

‘This is a powerful drama reinforced by powerful and original music.’
– www.classical.net

‘The Judas Tree maybe a period piece but it is a fascinating one, a slice of 1960s memorabilia from that extraordinary cultural decade.’
– Gramophone August 2014

‘This is a very notable performance of a very searching work.’
– Music and Vision July 2014

Track Listing

    THE JUDAS TREE:  A Musical Drama of Judas Iscariot
    Poetry and prose by Thomas Blackburn (1916-1977)
    Music by Peter Dickinson (born 1934)
    PART ONE (29’24’’)

    1. INTRODUCTION    1’34’’
    2. CHORIS I: ‘Listen! The hounds of the judge and the priest’    3’16’’
    3. Pilate: ‘The tree of Man and God’
      FANFARE I    1’51’’
    4. Pilate: ‘Yes, I suppose I did try to see that man’s point of view’
      FANFARE II   1’47’’
    5. Pilate: ‘But to the point’  0’38’’
    6. CHORUS II: ‘Sharply defined in their crystalline heaven like stars’   2’41’’
    7. Pilate: ‘Yes, I think it is high time we did something for Judas’
      SPOKEN CHORUS: ‘He is the dark side of the Divine Imagination’   1’01’’
    8. Pilate: ‘He has certainly had an extremely raw deal’   1’05’’
    9. Matthew: ‘Then Judas, which had betrayed Him’   1’28’’
    10. Pilate: ‘Thank you, Matthew, remarkable prose’  2’53’’
    11. CHORUS III: ‘There’s raw meat for the tiger-cub’   1’59’’
    12. Pilate: ‘I hardly dare suggest’  1’30’’
    13. CHORUS III (contd.): ‘Now here’s a curious kettle’     2’11’’
    14. Pilate: ‘And that is true’   1’43’’
    15. Pilate: ‘Can you, in all conscience, attribute that statement’
      CHORALE: ‘O sacred head, sore wounded’    3’07’’
    16. FANFARE III    0’39’’
      PART TWO (18’10’’)

      CHORUS IV: ‘Let us pray’   2’59’’
    19.  The Dominican: ‘The Viaticum or Last Communion….’
      PSALM 129: ‘De profundis clamo ad te, Domine’   2’59’’
    20. AGNUS DEI: ‘Ecce Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi’  1’29’’
    21. CHORUS V: ‘I am most familiar with the ways of the dead’    3’45’’
    22. The Dominican: ‘Listen to me!’
      PSALM 129: ‘De profundis clamo ad te, Domine’   3’41’’
    23. CHORUS VI: ‘Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine’   1’37’’
    24. Leader of the Chorus: ‘Betrayest thou the Son of Man with a kiss?’
      FANFARE IV      1’39’’
      PART THREE (22’22’’)

    26. INTRODUCTION AND CHORUS VII: ‘Beyond the circumference of his beatitude’
      MARCH: Commandant: ‘Left, left; left, right, left’     2’38’’
    27. HYMN: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty’   0’31’’
    28. Commandant: ‘Number one, number two, number three…..’   4’09’’
    29. Judas: ‘Men and women’    4’28’’
    30. CHORUS VIII: ‘It is a lamentation of dust in the heart of the city’   4’53’’
    31. MARCH: Commandant: ‘Left, left; left, right, left’  3’33’’
    32. EPILOGUE       2’09’’

    Total time:  69’56’’


Evensong from King’s College Cambridge

Schumann and Friends

HTGCD267 – 5060332660551

Evensong at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge is almost as famous as the service of Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve. This Evensong recording is typical of the service held in the chapel each day and includes music by Adrian Batten, William Smith, Charles Villiers Stanford, Patrick Hadley and Francis Jackson, in addition to wonderful performances of Bach’s Sacred Part Songs.

66 minutes

Track Listing
  1. Introit – Adrian Batten: O Praise the Lord    1.12
  2. Sentences – I will arise; Almighty and most merciful Father; Almighty God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ leading into The Lord’s Prayer 2.46
    (Read by the Chaplain of King’s College Chapel, the Rev. Martyn Hughes)
  3. Responses – William Smith   1.05
  4. Psalms – When the Lord turned again the captivity of Sion (No. 126); Except the Lord built the house (No. 127); Blessed is everyone that feareth the Lord (No. 128); Many a time have they fought against me (No. 129) 6.40
  5. First Lesson – Isaiah LXI 2.33
    (Read by Christopher Keyte)
  6. Magnificat in G – Charles Villiers Stanford   4.43
    (Solo treble: Richard White)
  7. Second Lesson – St. Luke IV. 16-32 2.49
    (Read by The Rev. Martyn Hughes)
  8. Nunc Dimittis in G – Charles Villiers Stanford   4.23
    (Solo baritone: John Walker)
  9. Creed   1.11
  10. Prayers   1.34
  11. Collects 3.22
  12. Anthem – Patrick Hadley: My beloved spake 2.51
  13. Prayers for the Queen, The Royal Family and for the founder of the college, King Henry VI 2.57
  14. Final responses – William Smith 0.25
  15. Concluding Voluntary – Francis Jackson: Toccata in B Minor 4.41
    The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

    Boris Ord (director), Hugh McLean (organ)

    Recording first published in 1956.

    J.S. Bach: Sacred Part-Songs

  17. O Jesu so meek, O Jesu so kind 2.58
  18. Jesus is this dark world’s light   2.30
  19. Lord, pour not thy vengeance on me   2.56
  20. Now is the mournful time   4.43
  21. It is finished   3.49
  22. Breath of God, life giving   2.41
  23. God liveth still   2.36

The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

David Willcocks (director), Simon Preston (organ)

Recording first published in 1960.

Total time: 65.44


Britten Choral Music

Orchestra and Chorus of Covent Garden and London Symphony Orchestra Chorus

Brittan Choral MusicHTGCD243 – 5060332660018

Britten gives the definitive composer-conducted interpretation of his Spring Symphony and George Malcolm conducts the LSO Chorus in Britten’s Choral Dances from Gloriana, Hymn to the Virgin and Hymn to St. Cecilia.

66 minutes

Track Listing

Tracks 1-12 – Spring Symphony Op.44

Jennifer Vyvyan, Norma Procter, Peter Pears, Orchestra and Chorus of Covent Garden, Boys from Emanuel School, Wandsworth, Benjamin Britten


Tracks 13-15 – Hymn To St Cecilia Op. 27

London Symphony Orchestra Chorus, George Malcolm


Track 16 – Hymn to the Virgin

London Symphony Orchestra Chorus, George Malcolm


Track 17 – 22 – Choral Dances from ‘Gloriana’ Op. 53

London Symphony Orchestra Chorus, George Malcolm


The Music of Christopher Tye

Cambridge University Choir, Timothy Brown

HTGCD238 – 5013993893998

Christopher Tye (1505–1572) was an important figure in the English renaissance. His career was based around the centres of Cambridge and Ely and spanned the English Reformation. He wrote both in Latin and its vernacular successor. Few albums of Tye’s music are available and the superb Cambridge University Chamber Choir, formed from elite singers taken from various colleges, gives a perfect introduction to Tye’s output. The choir is conducted by the world-renowned choral director, Timothy Brown.

75 minutes

Track Listing
  1. In pace in idipsum
  2. Gloria laus et honor
  3. Kyrie Orbis factor
    Missa Euge Bone

  5. Gloria
  6. Credo
  7. Sanctus
  8. Agnus dei
  9. Quaesumus omnipotens et misericors dues
  10. Omnes gentes plaudite minibus
  11. Christ rising again from the dead
  12. I lift my heart to thee
  13. To Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  14. From the depth I called on thee
  15. Deliver us, good Lord
  16. Give alms of thy goods
  17. Nunc Dimittis    3

Recorded in July 1990 in the chapel of Jesus College, Cambridge


Britten Conducts Britten

HTGCD232 – 5013993891895

Britten’s original recordings of his most popular choral works, A Ceremony of Carols, A Boy was Born and Rejoice in the Lamb, have long since fallen out of the catalogue and Heritage is pleased to rectify this with the latest release in its Composer-Conductor series.

65 minutes

Track Listing

A Ceremony of Carols Op. 28

  1. Procession
  2. Wolcum Yole!
  3. There is no rose
  4. That yonge child
  5. Balulalow
  6. As dew in Aprille
  7. This little Babe
  8. Interlude
  9. In freezing winter night
  10. Spring Carol
  11. Deo gracias – Adam lay ibounden
  12. Recession

Copenhagen Boys’ Choir

Mogens Woldike (choir master)

Enid Simon (harp)

Benjamin Britten

Recorded in 1953
A Boy was Born Op. 3

  1. A Boy was Born (theme)
  2. Variation I: Lullay, Jesu
  3. Variation II: Herod
  4. Variation III: Jesu, as Thou art our Saviour
  5. Variation IV: The Three Kings
  6. Variation V: in the bleak mid-winter
  7. Variation VI: Finale – Noel!

Michael Hartnett (treble)

Purcell Singers

Boys’ Voices of the English Opera Group

Choristers of All Saints, Margaret Street

Benjamin Britten

Recorded in 1957
Rejoice in the Lamb, Op. 30

  1. Rejoice in God, O ye Tongues
  2. For I will consider my cat Jeoffrey
  3. For the mouse is a creature of great personal valour
  4. For the flowers are great blessings
  5. For I am under the same accusation with my Saviour
  6. For H is a spirit and therefore he is God

George Malcolm (organ)

The Purcell Singers

Benjamin Britten

Recorded in 1957


Gibbons Tudor Church Music

The Choir of King’ s College, Cambridge, Sir David Willcocks

HTGCD226 – 5013993890195

The world-renowned choir of King’s College Cambridge and its iconic director, Sir David Willcocks, give performances of the church music of Orlando Gibbons, a composer who had close associations with the Cambridge college. Included are the famous anthems This is the record of John and Hosanna to the Son of David.

79 minutes

Track Listing
  1. Song 44: Veni Creator (from George Wither’s Hymnes and Songs of the Church, 1623)
  2. First Preces
  3. Psalm 145
  4. Voluntary I
  5. Magnificat (Short Service)
  6. Voluntary II
  7. Nunc Dimittis
  8. Voluntary III
  9. (A fancy for double organ)
    Verse Anthem: O God, the King of Glory


  10. Almighty and Everlasting God
  11. O Lord in Thy Wrath
  12. Hosanna to the Son of David
  13. O Lord increase my faith
  14. O clap your hands, God id gone up
    Director: Boris Ord, Organist: Hugh McLean

  16. Song 1: The First Song of Moses (from George Wither’s Hymnes and Songs of the Church, 1623)
  17. Second Preces

The Glory of Ely Cathedral

The Choir and Organ of Ely Cathedral, Paul Trepte

HTGCD219 – 5013993884996

The Glory of Ely Cathedral is a celebration of the musical life of one of the UK’s finest cathedrals. The CD features choral music by Stanford, Noble and Bairstow and organ music by Elgar, Bridge, Dupré and Glazunov.

73 minutes

‘There is so much to enjoy here, and the choir in particular is so good that the disc would be worth having for the choral items alone.’
– Music Web
Track Listing
  1. Edward Elgar: Imperial March
  2. Frank Bridge: Adagio in E
    The Organ of Ely Cathedral, Jeremy Filsell

  4. Charles Villiers Stanford: Te Deum in C
  5. Charles Villiers Stanford: Jubilate in C
  6. Edward Bairstow: Lamentation
  7. Charles Villiers Stanford: Te Deum in A
  8. Charles Villiers Stanford: Jubilate in A
  9. Tertius Noble: Magnificat in A
  10. Tertius Noble: Nunc Dimittis in A
    The Choir of Ely Cathedral, Paul Trepte (director)
    Marcel Dupre: Chorale and Fugue in F sharp major, Op. 57

  12. Chorale
  13. Fugue
    The Organ of Ely Cathedral, Jeremy Filsell                  

  15. Alexander Glazunov: Fantasie Op.110
    The Organ of Ely Cathedral, Paul Trepte                 

Oxford Anthems

The Choir of New College Oxford, Edward Higginbottom

HTGCD217 – 5013993884293

A selection of popular anthems performed by one of the finest Anglican churches in the world, the multi Gramophone Award winning New College Choir. Works include Byrd’s Haec Dies, Elgar’s Ave Verum, Parry’s I was Glad and others by Tye, Tomkins, Croft, Greene and Stanford.

73 minutes

Track Listing
  1. Byrd – O lux beata
  2. Tomkins – O Lord let me know mine end
  3. Tye – My trust in thee
  4. Gibbons – O Lord in thy wrath
  5. Croft – We will rejoice in thy salvation
  6. Croft – O Lord rebuke me not
  7. Greene – O clap your hands together
  8. Greene – Thou visitest the earth
  9. Boyce – Wherewithal shall a young man
  10. Attwood – Come Holy Ghost
  11. Battishill – O Lord look down from Heaven
  12. SS Wesley – Thou wilt keep him
  13. Stanford – If ye then be risen with Christ
  14. Elgar – Ave Verum
  15. Parry – I was Glad

Tudor Anthems and Motets

The Choir of Clare College, Timothy Brown

Tudor Anthems and MotetsHTGCD216 – 5013993884194

The Choir of Clare College, Cambridge, directed by Timothy Brown, performs Tudor Anthems and Motets by an array of sixteenth-century composers including the ever popular Byrd and Tallis and the less familiar figures of Dering, Philips, Mudd and Farrant. Clare College Choir is one of the UK’s finest mixed choirs.

67 minutes

‘The entire programme is deeply satisfying and provides an excellent introduction to the treasure chest of Tudor sacred music.’
Music Web Bargain of the Week
Track Listing
  1. Gibbons: Hosanna to the Son of David
  2. Mudd: Let thy merciful tears
  3. Farrant: Call to remeberance
  4. Farrant/Hilton: Lord, for thy tender mercy’s sake
  5. Gibbons: O Lord, in thy wrath
  6. Tallis: Salvator Mundi
  7. Byrd: Haec dies
  8. Tomkins: When David heard
  9. Byrd: Ave verum corpus
  10. Dering: Factum est silentium
  11. Philips: Ascendit Deus
  12. Tallis: If ye love me
  13. Parsons: Ave Maria
  14. Sheppard: Libera Nos
  15. Weelkes: O Lord, arise
  16. Byrd: O Lux Beata
  17. Byrd: Miserere Mei
  18. Weelkes: Hosanna to the Son of David
  19. Byrd: O Lord Give Ear
  20. White: The Lord Bless Us
  21. Byrd: Sing Joyfully

English Choral Music

Cambridge University Choir, Timothy Brown

English Choral MusicHTGCD213 – 5013993883098

Cambridge University Chamber Choir performs three twentieth-century English song cycles for mixed choir, including the rarely-recorded A Garland for the Queen. A Garland was composed to commemorate the Queen’s coronation in 1953 by a selection of the finest English composers including Finzi, Bliss, Bax, Tippett, Vaughan Williams, Howells and Ireland. The two works by Benjamin Britten, AMDG and Sacred and Profane, are virtuoso show pieces for mixed choir.

67 minutes

‘The Cambridge choir are a highly assured, well practised body of singers, and make light work of the difficult pieces’
– Gramophone of A Garland for the Queen
‘The quality of the performance is second to none, the Cambridge University Chamber Choir being capable of dealing with the various styles and complexities of the programme.’
– Music Web
Track Listing

A Garland for the Queen

Bliss – Aubade
Bax – What is it like
Soprano soloist – Ruth Morris
Tippett – Dance, Clarion air
Vaughan Williams – Silence and Music
Lennox Berkeley – Spring at this hour
Ireland – The Hills
Howells – Inheritance
Finzi – White-flowering days
Rawsthorne – Canzonet
Rubbra – Salutation

Britten – A.M.D.G (Ad majorem Dei Gloriam)

Britten – Sacred and Profane