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Respighi, Debussy, Janacek: Sonatas for violin and piano

Respighi, Debussy, Janacek: Sonatas for violin and piano

Respighi, Debussy, Janacek: Sonatas for violin and pianoLisa Ueda (violin) and Daniele Rinaldo (piano)

HTGCD 190 – 5060332661817

The debut recording of young duo Lisa Ueda and Daniele Rinaldo in twentieth century violin sonatas that have formed the backbone of their well-received recent concert engagements. The Lisa Ueda/Daniele Rinaldo Duo joins two prize-winning soloists in a highly successful collaboration.

‘The Janáček Sonata here receives the finest account, on or off a record, I have ever heard. It is superb, as is the Respighi – an unfairly neglected masterwork… This is a significant recording debut which deserves wide praise for the artists’ consistent musicianship.’
James Palmer, Musical Opinion – January 2018
Track Listing

Claude Debussy (1862-1918): Violin Sonata in G minor (1917-1918)

Leos Janáček (1852-1928): Sonata for Violin and Piano (1914)

Ottorino Respighi (1879-1936): Sonata in B minor for Violin and Piano (c.1917)

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Pièce en forme de Habanera (1907)

Silent Conversations - Reimagining Sacred Chants

Silent Conversations – Reimagining Sacred Chants

Silent Conversations - Reimagining Sacred ChantsChristopher Hawkins (piano), David Milsom (violin), Liz Hanks (cello), Mark Taylor (guitar)

HTGCD 193 – 5060332661794

‘Silent Conversations’, conceived by Christopher Hawkins, is an album which presents a fresh approach to the sound world of ancient chanting, a genre renowned for its timeless and contemplative beauty.
Christopher poses the question – ‘What remains, when the words of the chants are hidden?’

Drawing on professional forces from his native Sheffield, Christopher recorded a selection of well-known and lesser-known chants over a period of two years. The result is a unique set of 25 arrangements for instrumental forces – some are simple, unembellished solo arrangements for piano, violin, cello and classical guitar and others are more complex re-workings for chamber ensemble.

‘Silent Conversations’ presents the listener with an opportunity to experience a centuries-old tradition from a completely different perspective.

Track Listing
  1. More Than This
  2. Into The Hills
  3. Shimmering Water
  4. In The Shadow
  5. The Night Watch
  6. Final Farewell
  7. In Paradisum
  8. Lost In Wasteland
  9. The Stranger
  10. With Dragging Feet
  11. Veiled In Mist
  12. At The Summit
  13. Antiphon
  14. Land Of Silence
  15. The Embrace
  16. Silent Conversations
  17. Glistening Town
  18. All That I Am
  19. O Rubor Sanguinis
  20. Stay
  21. Looking Out
  22. Cry Of The Soul
John Ireland Chamber Music

John Ireland Chamber Music

John Ireland Chamber MusicTessa Robbins (violin), Thea King (clarinet), Alan Rowlands (piano)

HTGCD 197 – 5060332661763

This record brings together two classic performances of chamber works by John Ireland. Originally made for the SAGA label in the early 1960s, the recordings have been remastered and both appear on CD for the first time. It is particularly gratifying to feature the playing of violinist Tessa Robbins, one of the UK’s finest post-war violinists, who made precious few recordings. Alan Rowlands’ stereo performances of Ireland’s popular piano pieces receive their first commercial release and offer an opportunity for comparison with the earlier mono recordings he made for Lyrita. Thea King performs the Fantasy-Sonata which was originally written for and performed by her teacher (later her husband), Frederick Thurston. The project is supported by the John Ireland Trust.

‘Valuable for their second-generation status and for revealing how Ireland’s original interpreters passed on the lineage to their students and, thence, beyond.’
Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International August 2017
Track Listing
Violin Sonata No. 2
Tessa Robbins (vln), Alan Rowlands (pf)
Fantasy-Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
Thea King (vln), Alan Rowlands (pf)
The Cherry Tree
The Towing-Path
Spring will not wait
The Island Spell
Month’s Mind
Summer Evening
The Holy Boy
Spring Sorrow
Alan Rowlands (pf)

Aspects of Nature: English and Scottish Recorder Music

Aspects of Nature: English and Scottish Recorder Music

Aspects of Nature: English and Scottish Recorder MusicJohn Turner (recorder), Peter Lawson (piano), Eleanor Maynell (soprano), Tom Dunn (viola)

HTGCD 201 – 5060332661701

World premiere recordings abound in this collection of works for recorder by English and Scottish composers. They are performed by Britain’s foremost exponent of the instrument, John Turner. John has done much to enhance the profile of recorder playing and recorder repertoire over recent years and this Heritage release continues the process with music from the British Isles. The CD is supported by the William Alwyn Trust.

Track Listing


Gordon Crosse: Watermusic

William Alwyn: Seascapes

Robert Crawford: Variations on a Ground, Three Two-Part Inventions *

Robin Orr: Three Pastorals *

Robin Orr: Rondeau des Oiseaux *

David Dorward: Whigmaleerie and The Long, the Short and the Tall *

Arnold Cooke: Three Flower Songs *

Robin Holloway: A Wayside Daisy *

John McLeod: Rainbow *

Benjamin Britten: I wonder as I Wander

Flute Serenade

Flute Serenade

Flute SerenadeJames Galway, The London Virtuosi

HTGCD 296 – 5060332661398

Flute Serenade features music by Telemann, Bach and Beethoven – and a rare opportunity to hear virtuoso flautist, James Galway, performing chamber music of the Baroque and Classical eras. This release provides a fascinating overview of repertoire which was instrumental in the development of the concert flute and the performances are invigorating. Accompaniment is provided by the London Virtuosi – a classy band of musicians including John Georgiadis (violin) Anthony Camden (oboe) and David Lumsden (harpsichord).

Track Listing

Bach: Flute Sonata in E Major, BWV 1035
Telemann: Trio Sonata for Flute, Oboe and Continuo in E Minor
Telemann: Paris Quartet No. 2, TWV 43:D1
Beethoven: Serenade in D Major, Op. 25
Total time: 60.10


Thomas Pitfield: Chamber Music

Thomas Pitfield: Chamber MusicDennis Simons (violin)
Keith Swallow (piano)
Tracey Chadwell (soprano)
John McCabe (piano)
John Turner (recorder)
Richard Simpson (oboe)

HTGCD210 – 5060332661510

Tommy Pitfield was a twentieth century Renaissance man. He was a composer, artist, poet, writer, teacher, ornithologist, and probably much else which his modesty shielded from public notice. But it is his music he served most devotedly. In 1947 he became a teacher of composition at the Royal Manchester College of Music, holding the post through the time of the merger into the Royal Northern College of Music and retiring a year later. He had many distinguished pupils, of whom John McCabe was but one. In his own music he shows ingenuity, imagination, inventiveness, wit and versatility. This recording includes a representative selection of works from over 50 years of composition and appears with kind permission of the principal of the Royal Northern College of Music.

The majority of works here are world premiere recordings given by artists who have a close affinity with Manchester and the music of Pitfield and as such will be highly sought after by aficionados of twentieth century British music.

‘I should imagine that the composer was thrilled with his performer friends. It’s difficult to imagine more sensitive renditions of these pieces…This is English music at its most modest, subtle and sensitive, easily underrated and overlooked. For anyone with an exploratory outlook it’s well worth investigating.’
– Gary Higginson, Musicweb International, April 2016

‘The performers, including John McCabe and Tracey Chadwell (both “late”, alas), as well as the ever-present John Turner, give an inspiring account of all these pieces…… This is an important re-release of music by Thomas Pitfield… I believe that this disc serves as a great introduction to the composer’s chamber works and songs.’
– John France, MusicWeb International, April 2016

Track Listing

Violin Sonata No. 1 in A; Dennis Simons and Keith Swallow 

Three Miniatures (for soprano and violin); Tracey Chadwell and Dennis Simons 

Eight Songs (for soprano and piano); Tracey Chadwell and Keith Swallow 

Rondo all Tarantella (for recorder and piano); John Turner and John McCabe 

Prelude, Minuet and Reel (for piano); John McCabe 

Three Nautical Sketches (for recorder and piano); John Turner and John McCabe 

Novelette in F (for piano) & Studies on an English Dance Tune (for piano); John McCabe 

Polka (for oboe and piano) & Oboe Sonata in A MinorRichard Simpson and Janet Simpson

Total time:    69’43’’

Telemann Oboe Sonatas

Sarah Francis and The London Harpsichord EnsembleTelemann Oboe Sonatas

HTGCD281 – 5060332661084

Sarah Francis performs Telemann’s complete oboe sonatas with the London Harpsichord Ensemble. These interpretations are perhaps the finest on modern instruments and have received the highest accolades from national and international press alike. The booklet includes an informative essay by Telemann expert, Nicholas Anderson.

‘Francis’ profound musicianship, her wondrous tone colour’
– International Record Review

The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs, 4* Recording

Track Listing

Sonata in B Flat for Oboe and Continuo, ‘Essercizii musici’ TWV 41: B6

Sonata in G Minor for Oboe and Continuo, Tafelmusik III/5 TWV 41: g6

Sonata in E Minor for Oboe and Continuo, ‘Essercizii musici’ TWV 44: e6

Sonata in A Minor for Oboe and Continuo, ‘Der getreue Music-Meister’ TWV 41:a3

Sonata in G Minor for oboe and Continuo (bassoon), ‘Dresden’ TWV 41:g10

Trio Sonata in E Flat for Oboe, Obligato Harpsichord* and Continuo, ‘Essercizii musici’


Total time: 60.52

Sarah Francis – Oboe, Jane Dodd – Harpsichord, Margaret Powell – Cello, Robert Jordan – Bassoon, Howard Beach – Harpsichord Continuo*

Complete Oboe Concertos and Sonatas

Sarah Francis and The London Harpsichord EnsembleComplete Oboe Concertos and Sonatas

HTGCD278 – 5060332661053

Sarah Francis performs Handel’s complete oboe concertos and sonatas with the London Harpsichord Ensemble. These interpretations are perhaps the finest on modern instruments and have received the highest accolades from national and international press alike. The booklet includes an informative essay by Handel expert, Anthony Hicks. Formerly on the Unicorn and Regis labels, the recordings are offered at budget price.

‘Miss Francis’s playing is memorable both for her appealing timbre and her sensitive, lyrical phrasing, where she varies her vibrato with the utmost subtlety. A collection which easily leads the field.’
– The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs, 4* Recording
Track Listing

Concerto No. 1 in B flat major (HWV 301)

Sonata in F major (HWV 363a)

Sonata in G minor (Op. 1/6; HWV 364a)

Concerto No. 2 in B flat major (HWV 302a)

Sonata in G minor (HWV 404)

Sonata in B flat Major (HWV 357)

Sonata in C minor (Op.1/8, HWV 366)

Concerto No. 3 in G minor (HWV 287)


Total time: 62.25

Albinoni: Complete Concertos for Solo Oboe

Sarah Francis and The London Harpsichord EnsembleAlbinoni: Complete Concertos for Solo Oboe

HTGCD274 – 5060332660797

These highly acclaimed recordings of the complete solo oboe concertos of Albinoni originally appeared on the Unicorn and Regis labels and are widely regarded as the best performances of the composer’s Opp. 7 & 9 to be performed on modern instruments. An illuminating essay is included in the CD booklet by 18th century expert, Michael Talbot.

‘Rhythmically secure and with a pleasing awareness of dance measures, this playing gave me uninterrupted pleasure from start to finish.’
– Gramophone

‘Sarah Francis is an immensely stylish and gifted soloist. She is accompanied with warmth and grace, and the recording is first class, transparent yet full and naturally balanced.’
– Penguin Guide to Compact Discs 4* Key Recording

‘I find it nearly impossible to believe that the Albinoni concertos could be given more musical readings than these.’
– American Record Guide

Track Listing

Op. 7, No. 6 in D

  1. Allegro   2.59
  2. Adagio   2.16
  3. Allegro   2.20

Op. 7, No. 3 in B flat

  1. Allegro   3.07
  2. Adagio   2.38
  3. Allegro   2.15

Op. 9, No. 5 in C

  1. Allegro   3.53
  2. Adagio   2.02
  3. Allegro   3.18

Op. 9, No. 8 in G minor

  1. Allegro   4.06
  2. Adagio   2.10
  3. Allegro   3.59

Op. 7, No. 12 in C

  1. Allegro   3.17
  2. Adagio   1.56
  3. Allegro   2.14

Op. 7, No. 9 in F

  1. Allegro   2.43
  2. Adagio   0.58
  3. Allegro   2.35

Op. 9, No. 2 in D minor

  1. Allegro e non presto   4.12
  2. Adagio   5.04
  3. Allegro   3.00

Op. 9, No. 11 in B flat

  1. Allegro   4.23
  2. Adagio   3.16
  3. Allegro   3.23

Total time: 73.30
Sarah Francis oboe
London Harpsichord Ensemble
Violins: Peter Stevens (leader), Penelope Howard, Peter Pople, Christine Read, Bridget Wallace, Madeleine Whitelaw
Violas: Marjorie Lempfert, Elizabeth Watson
Cello: Bernard Richards
Bass: Keith Hertley
Harpsichord: Christopher Kite


Producer: Martin Crompton; Engineer: Anthony Howell
Recorded in St. Giles, Cripplegate in December 1988

English Music for Oboe

Sarah FrancisEnglish Music for Oboe

HTGCD275 – 5060332660964

Heritage is proud to announce the release of Sarah Francis’ latest solo recording – English music for oboe which has a personal association. At the heart of this release is the Howells Oboe Sonata. Although written for Leon Goossens, Sarah was the first oboist to perform and record the work. It appears here under licence from Hyperion. This is coupled with works for differing forces which were written for Sarah by leading 20th century English composers: Gordon Crosse, Stephen Dodgson, Peter Dickinson and Gordon Jacob. Three world premiere recordings are included.

‘I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the playing. Sarah Francis and her colleagues are just magnificent. A must buy oboe collection’
– John Whitmore, Music-Web International, November 2015

‘The present collection takes a well-earned place among the long list of Sarah Francis’s previous recordings.’
– Piers Burton-Page, International Record Review, March 2015

‘This disc offers a splendid celebration of the artistry of the oboist Sarah Francis.’
‘Sarah Francis shows her love for each work in the warmth of her playing, understandingly accompanied by her various colleagues.’

– Edward Greenfield, Gramophone February, 2015

‘The mellifluosness and sheer musicality of Francis’s playing make this sequence of five works, all but one written for her, a particular pleasure.’
– Paul Driver, The Sunday Times, 16th November 2014

Track Listing

Track 1
Gordon CrosseVariations for Oboe and Cello ‘Little Epiphany’

Rohan de Saram (cello)



Tracks 2-4
Stephen DodgsonQuartet for Oboe and String Trio

Tagore String Trio



Tracks 5-8
Peter Dickinson: Four Duos for Oboe and Cello

Rohan de Saram (cello)



Tracks 9-15
Gordon Jacob: Seven Bagatelles for Solo Oboe


Track 16
Herbert Howells: Oboe Sonata

Peter Dickinson (piano)


Total time:   68’22’’


Tracks 1-15 recorded in 2014, track 16 in 1999