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British Celebration 2

British Celebration 2Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Gavin Sutherland (conductor); BBC Concert Orchestra, Barry Wordsworth (conductor)

HTGCD 192 – 5060332661824

Philip Lane, ‘The doyen of British Light Music’ (James Jolly, Gramophone), has collaborated with Heritage for this Winter 2017 release – British Celebration 2, the sequel disc to British Celebration, features orchestral music composed by leading figures in the ‘Light Music’ movement: Paul Lewis, Thomas Hewitt Jones, Roy Moore, Anthony Hedges, Philip Godfrey, Timothy Roberts, Philip Spratley, Nicholas Smith and Gavin Gordon.

Track Listing




ANTHONY HEDGES (b.1931) VARIATIONS ON A THEME OF RAMEAU Op. 34 (1969 rev. 1997) 


TIMOTHY ROBERTS (b.1953) IDYLL for strings (1996)   




GAVIN GORDON (1901-70) BALLET SUITE ‘LES NOCES IMAGINAIRES’ (1925 rev.1942) (ed. Philip Lane)

British Concertante

British ConcertanteRTE Concert Orchestra, Gavin Sutherland (conductor); Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Barry Wordsworth (conductor); Sinfonia Viva, Nicholas Kok (conductor)

HTGCD 191 – 5060332661831

Philip Lane, ‘The doyen of British Light Music’ (James Jolly, Gramophone), has collaborated with Heritage for this Winter 2017 release – British Concertante features orchestral music written for soloist and accompaniment composed by leading figures in the ‘Light Music’ movement: Angela Morley, Bryan Kelly, Francis Chagrin, Philip Spratley and David Lyon.

Track Listing

Angela Morley (1924-2009): The Liaison (2004); Reverie (2004); A Tender Mood (2004); Harlequin (2004)

Bryan Kelly (b.1934): Concerto for two trumpets (1982)

Francis Chagrin (1905-72): Sarabande (1952)

Philip Spratley (b.1942): Belvoir Suite (1977)

Bryan Kelly (b. 1934): Globe Theatre Suite (2005)

David Lyon (b.1938): Piano Concerto in One Movement (2015)

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) arr. John Fox (1926-2015): Pavane for a dead infanta  

Respighi, Debussy, Janacek: Sonatas for violin and piano

Respighi, Debussy, Janacek: Sonatas for violin and pianoLisa Ueda (violin) and Daniele Rinaldo (piano)

HTGCD 190 – 5060332661817

The debut recording of young duo Lisa Ueda and Daniele Rinaldo in twentieth century violin sonatas that have formed the backbone of their well-received recent concert engagements. The Lisa Ueda/Daniele Rinaldo Duo joins two prize-winning soloists in a highly successful collaboration.

‘The Janáček Sonata here receives the finest account, on or off a record, I have ever heard. It is superb, as is the Respighi – an unfairly neglected masterwork… This is a significant recording debut which deserves wide praise for the artists’ consistent musicianship.’
James Palmer, Musical Opinion – January 2018
Track Listing

Claude Debussy (1862-1918): Violin Sonata in G minor (1917-1918)

Leos Janáček (1852-1928): Sonata for Violin and Piano (1914)

Ottorino Respighi (1879-1936): Sonata in B minor for Violin and Piano (c.1917)

Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Pièce en forme de Habanera (1907)

Viktor Ullmann: Piano Sonatas 1,2,3 & Schoenberg Variations

Maria Garzon (piano)

HTGCD 189 – 5060332661848

Maria Garzon, the acclaimed Spanish pianist, has recorded her second and final volume of the piano sonatas of Viktor Ullmann for the Heritage label, focussing on the early sonatas and the Schoenberg Variations, Op. 3a. Maria received widespread praise for her first volume which brought the music of Ullmann to the attention of a wider group of people and has since made the composer something of a speciality in the concert hall.

Track Listing

Piano Sonata No. 1, Op. 10

Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 19

Piano Sonata No. 3, Op. 26

Variations and Double Fugue on a Theme of Arnold Schoenberg, Op. 3a

Peter Maxwell Davies: Ave Maris Stella; Image, Reflection and Shadow; Runes from a Holy Island

Peter Maxwell Davies: Ave Maris Stella; Image, Reflection and Shadow; Runes from a Holy IslandThe Fires of London

UKCD 2038 – 053068203821

Conceived as both a challenge and a tribute to The Fires of London, Ave Maris Stella is a rare piece of modern chamber music: music for six people working together, unconducted, on a journey that is arduous but hugely gripping for performers and audience alike. Its symphonic impetus is maintained throughout the nine varied sections and the work is notable for the inclusion of marimba whose part is as important as the other instruments. The Fires of London (1965-1987) were a crack ensemble dedicated to performing contemporary music, directed by Peter Maxwell Davies and Harrison Birtwistle.

‘Ave Maris Stella… Is one of his profoundest and luminous works… Vintage Max indeed.’
– Sunday Times
Track Listing

1. Ave Maris Stella
2-4. Image, Reflection, Shadow
5. Runes from a Holy Island

Silent Conversations – Reimagining Sacred Chants

Silent Conversations - Reimagining Sacred ChantsChristopher Hawkins (piano), David Milsom (violin), Liz Hanks (cello), Mark Taylor (guitar)

HTGCD 193 – 5060332661794

‘Silent Conversations’, conceived by Christopher Hawkins, is an album which presents a fresh approach to the sound world of ancient chanting, a genre renowned for its timeless and contemplative beauty.
Christopher poses the question – ‘What remains, when the words of the chants are hidden?’

Drawing on professional forces from his native Sheffield, Christopher recorded a selection of well-known and lesser-known chants over a period of two years. The result is a unique set of 25 arrangements for instrumental forces – some are simple, unembellished solo arrangements for piano, violin, cello and classical guitar and others are more complex re-workings for chamber ensemble.

‘Silent Conversations’ presents the listener with an opportunity to experience a centuries-old tradition from a completely different perspective.

Track Listing
  1. More Than This
  2. Into The Hills
  3. Shimmering Water
  4. In The Shadow
  5. The Night Watch
  6. Final Farewell
  7. In Paradisum
  8. Lost In Wasteland
  9. The Stranger
  10. With Dragging Feet
  11. Veiled In Mist
  12. At The Summit
  13. Antiphon
  14. Land Of Silence
  15. The Embrace
  16. Silent Conversations
  17. Glistening Town
  18. All That I Am
  19. O Rubor Sanguinis
  20. Stay
  21. Looking Out
  22. Cry Of The Soul

Bach: Goldberg Variations and English Suite No. 5

Bach: Goldberg Variations and English Suite No. 5Millicent Silver (harpsichord)

HTGCD 194 – 5060332661800

This disc commemorates a much-admired British musician, the harpsichordist and pianist Millicent Silver, whose career as performer and teacher spanned five decades from the 1930s to the 1970s.  She influenced a whole generation of British harpsichordists such as Christopher Herrick, Christopher Kite and the renowned player and conductor Trevor Pinnock.

The revival of interest in the harpsichord and the music written for it began in the early 1900s with the great Polish player Wanda Landowska. In Britain, the harpsichord revival got under way in the two decades following World War Two, led by three outstanding players: George Malcolm, Thurston Dart and Millicent Silver. Malcolm and Dart both recorded extensively. Silver, who probably performed more widely across Britain than they did, disliked recording and left only a few discs, two of which are reissued here. Both were recorded for the Classics Club label in the late 1950s and later reissued by SAGA. Here, they receive their first widespread, commercial CD release, newly transferred with excellent results.

The Goldberg Variations, in particular, were central to Millicent Silver’s repertory.

Track Listing

1-33 Goldberg Variations BWV: 988
37-43 English Suite No. 5, BWV 810

Bernard Herrmann: Psycho (Complete Music for Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspense Thriller)

Bernard Herrmann: Psycho (Complete Music for Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspense Thriller)National Philharmonic Orchestra, Bernard Herrmann (conductor)

UKCD 2021 – 053068202121

In 1975, Bernard Herrmann took to the studio to record the complete score he wrote for the Hitchcock film, Psycho. This particular recording is unique for being composer-conducted and in addition, features material which is omitted from the more commonly recorded Psycho Suite. Over the years, it has been one of the bestselling Unicorn titles.

Track Listing

The City;
Marion And Sam;
The Patrol Car;
The Car Lot;
The Package;
The Rainstorm;
Hotel Room;
The Window;
The Parlour;
The Madhouse;
The Peephole;
The Bathroom;
The Murder;
The Body;
The Office;
The Curtain;
The Water;
The Car;
The Swamp;
The Search;
The Shadow;
Phone Booth;
The Porch;
The Stairs;
The Knife;
The Search;
The First Floor;
Cabin 10;
Cabin 1;
The Hill;
The Bedroom;
The Toys;
The Cellar;

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 1-6

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos 1-6Hamburg Chamber Orchestra, Harry Newstone (conductor)

HTGCD 195/6 – 5060332661787

Harry Newstone, one of the first and best ‘scholar conductors’, recorded his famous set of Brandenburg Concertos with the Hamburg Chamber Orchestra for the SAGA label in 1959. Long seen as highly stylised, particularly with the back drop of performances from the ‘historically informed’ movement, they were, in effect, thoughtful, erudite renditions which introduced a generation of Baroque enthusiasts to these wonderful works. The recordings were so successful that they appeared at the top of the SAGA bestseller list for years. But a CD version has never been available. Heritage has joined forces with KlassicHaus in the US to produce excellent transfers of these classic performances. Informative and engaging notes are provided by Tully Potter.

Gramophone Editor’s Choice, August 2017
‘As Heritage Records now proves, these characterful Newstone recordings… revisited high standards that had not been heard since the pre-War versions… the sound comes up remarkably well… a valuable release with excellent notes by Tully Potter.’
Rob Cowan, Gramophone, August 2017

‘A significant set, Harry Newstone’s early stereo Brandenburg Concertos get a deserved re-release.’
Martin Cullingford, Gramophone, August 2017

‘It’s good news that Heritage has selected this set for reissue, with fine vinyl transfers by John Whitmore and digital restoration courtesy of Curt Timmons… The recordings stand up to scrutiny very well. This is buoyant and resilient playing with excellent solo contributions from a raft of distinguished players… Newstone was an important figure of the time and he has retained a niche place in collectors’ hearts. Discs like this twofer explain why that is.’
Jonathon Woolf, MusicWeb International, June 2017

Track Listing

CD 1
1-3 No. 1 in F major, BWV 1046; 2-6 No. 2 in F major, BWV 1047; 3-9 No. 3 in G major, BWV 1048
CD 2
1-3 No. 4 in G major, BWV 1049; 4-6 No. 5 in D major, BWV 1050; 5-9 No. 6 in B flat major, BWV 1051

John Ireland Chamber Music

John Ireland Chamber MusicTessa Robbins (violin), Thea King (clarinet), Alan Rowlands (piano)

HTGCD 197 – 5060332661763

This record brings together two classic performances of chamber works by John Ireland. Originally made for the SAGA label in the early 1960s, the recordings have been remastered and both appear on CD for the first time. It is particularly gratifying to feature the playing of violinist Tessa Robbins, one of the UK’s finest post-war violinists, who made precious few recordings. Alan Rowlands’ stereo performances of Ireland’s popular piano pieces receive their first commercial release and offer an opportunity for comparison with the earlier mono recordings he made for Lyrita. Thea King performs the Fantasy-Sonata which was originally written for and performed by her teacher (later her husband), Frederick Thurston. The project is supported by the John Ireland Trust.

‘Valuable for their second-generation status and for revealing how Ireland’s original interpreters passed on the lineage to their students and, thence, beyond.’
Jonathan Woolf, MusicWeb International August 2017
Track Listing
Violin Sonata No. 2
Tessa Robbins (vln), Alan Rowlands (pf)
Fantasy-Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
Thea King (vln), Alan Rowlands (pf)
The Cherry Tree
The Towing-Path
Spring will not wait
The Island Spell
Month’s Mind
Summer Evening
The Holy Boy
Spring Sorrow
Alan Rowlands (pf)